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I’ve been a massive fan of the Jonas Brothers since I was a kid. I vividly remember listening to their albums on my pink CD player and getting their Build-a-Bear dog for my eighth birthday.

I’ve never been able to see them in concert. That’s why seeing them on October 7 was such a huge deal to me. Previously, I had bought tickets for their show at the Toyota Center on October 23, but that show was unfortunately canceled. However, I was miraculously able to secure seats for this show the night before.

They opened the show with “Celebrate” and “What a Man Gotta Do” before transitioning into songs from their first album. I sang my heart out during this section and was so happy to hear “When You Look Me in the Eyes” live, as I went to the show with my boyfriend. Hearing songs that I’ve sung along to since I was six years old was the most special experience.

They did an excellent job of structuring the setlist, as it wasn’t in chronological order. They mixed it up and played songs from their newest work “The Album,” as well as their 2020 album “Sucker” in between their older stuff. 

I was fortunate to find tickets in the lower bowl section, and even though I was behind the stage, it was still a great experience since their stage is completely open.

While they were facing forward for the majority of the show, they did a great job at acknowledging us and facing our side of the stage ever so often. The only downside of the row we were sitting in was that we couldn’t see the B Stage at the other end of the arena. Not being able to see them perform many of the slow songs on that stage and not being able to see what was on the screens was a bit sad, but I’m grateful that I was even able to go at all.

One of my favorite sections of the show was when Nick sang “Jealous” and Joe sang “Cake by the Ocean.” I’m a huge fan of their solo projects, especially Nick, so it was so cool to hear them perform some of these songs in addition to their music together.

Additionally, the pyrotechnics for this show were insane. There were bursts of fire during “Burnin’ Up,” which was so cool. We definitely felt the heat from it. It definitely added to the production value of the show.

As a fan of the band for over a decade, this show was a dream come true. The second I saw Joe Jonas turn around to wave at us (Joe girl for life), I suddenly felt like I was nine years old again listening to their CDs in my bedroom.

If given the opportunity, I would definitely go see the Jonas Brothers’ show again once it gets rescheduled in Houston for early 2024.

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