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A surge of excitement rushed through thousands in the crowd on the first day of Austin City Limits Music Festival Weekend Two as The Lumineers took the Honda Stage. The band was one of two headlining acts on Friday, Oct. 13.

From opening their set with a stage extension planted in the middle of the crowd, engaging with the thousands that came to view the band and performing a wide array of music from their discography, this set was quintessential.

The band opened up with the song “Cleopatra,” a well-listened title track from their second album, containing upbeat instrumentals. The surprise of the stage extension was revealed to the crowd as frontman Wesley Shultz swayed and strode out onto the extension.

With the crowd gleefully roaring at the top of their lungs to hit songs such as “Ho Hey,” “Flowers In Your Hair,” and “Ophelia,” the night turned into not just a concert with a crowd but formed a community.

As the band performed “Dead Sea,” a song about love for better or worse, the surrounding crowd (including myself) had drenched themselves in tears. As the song continued, people joined hands, offered tissues and their sleeves to one another and shared comforting hugs.

The Lumineers’ introduction was the establishment of the band’s fun-loving personality. Violinist Lauren Jacobson elegantly swirled around the stage into multiple kart-wheels while holding the violin. Pianist, drummer and percussionist Jeremiah Fraities played the opening chords of “Ophelia” with his toes in an ever-so-majestic manner.

Towards the end of the set, the Austin City Limits Music Festival provided a light show in the sky, hosted by drones that project an arrangement of gorgeously crafted light graphics to display in the night sky.

The songs “Slow It Down” and “Charlie Boy” erroneously paired well with the image transitions of the drone show. As the final notes of the concert vibrated through the glimmering Texas night sky, “Stubborn Love” came with a sense of profound gratitude for the artists and the community of Lumineers-listeners I had met.

“Keep your head up,” was the final line left with the crowd, something listeners were reminded of. The appreciation and joy The Lumineers’ music has brought me for that subject and the life I have been blessed with was unreal. I hope everyone gets an opportunity to experience a concert like this one.

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