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As kids, we always think about who we are going to be when we grow up. However, I don’t think we’ve ever stopped to think about who we are while we are in the middle of becoming grown-ups.

School takes up a majority of our beginning years; so it is time to find out what kind of student are you and what does it mean?

1. How do you finish all of your assignments?

A. I wait for the last minute but still get a good grade

B. Have a calendar updated with all assignments two months in advance 

C. Get everything done the week it is due

D. Forgot about the assignments

2. Why are you getting your degree?

A. To make a difference in the world

B. To make my parents proud

C. To prove everyone wrong

D. To follow my dream

3. Where would you go to school?

A. It doesn’t matter, as long as I get an education

B. Only the best of the best

C. A private school

D. Somewhere far away

4. What do you do in your free time?

A. Find the hidden study spots on campus

B. Study for my next test

C. Go shopping

D. Play video games

5. What student stereotype fits you?

A. The teacher’s pet

B. The overachiever

C. The academics come easily one

D. The partygoer


If you mostly got…

As: Harry Potter: You have a strong drive to do what’s right and will do anything to achieve it. Although education isn’t something you enjoy or deem necessary, you know that it will give you the tools and opportunities to change the world. C’s make degrees. 

Bs: Mandy Yang: Like this character from ‘Prom Pact,’ you have high standards for yourself and don’t have room for distractions. Ever since you were little, you had everything planned down to the T and won’t let anyone keep you from achieving your goals. You are intelligent, cunning and bossy. Although you might be overbearing sometimes, your end product will always make up for it.

Cs: Elle Woods: You are the boss! People might think you’re lazy, but you only put in effort once someone puts you to the test. There’s no point in working too hard if you won’t get anything in return. You are stubborn but have a heart of gold.

Ds: Mike Wazowski: You’re there for a good time, not too focused on grades and high marks! You probably chose to live on campus to get away from your parents and finally get a breath of fresh air. You are outgoing, extroverted and fun to be around. People always know to go to you to have a good time.

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