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In the age of Social Media, an entire industry of jobs has been created in the past decade revolving around content creation and “influencing” for various online platforms like Instagram, TikTok and more. Yet, there is an entire collection of jobs that fly under the radar that check the boxes for aspiring media leaders. We see these jobs represented in ‘The Bold Type.’

‘The Bold Type’ is a drama series from ABC’s network Freeform and follows three young women working for a Cosmopolitan-esque magazine in New York City.

Jane the journalist, Kat the social media manager and Sutton the fashion assistant are our protagonists. We follow their personal and professional lives as they deal with relationship issues, abuse of power dynamics, identity discoveries, workplace discrimination and even more.

Now the show is straight out of the awkward time that was the mid-2010s so it can be corny, outdated and very Millennial. But many of its themes are still important to the current day.

Lots of adolescents today see through the corporate structure and don’t want to be a servant to a 9-5. They see artificial intelligence as something that can do their job and view content creation as their only means of a successful happy life.

I’ve noticed on my ‘For You Page’ how fashion influencers construct and deconstruct outfits, fashion aesthetics and luxury brands as a hobby when they could be the next Andy Sachs of Runway or Betty Suarez of Mode Magazine.

Or the creators who talk, discuss and dissect their views on pop culture’s latest gossip, trends and celebrities like full-time journalists or PR agencies. Lately, we’ve been seeing YouTubers and TikTokkers alike make full careers out of their content but the media is forgetting to tell you that you don’t have to go viral to be on their level.

This show came out as I started high school which is a very academically stressful period because everyone tells you how much each year counts towards college, but I never wanted to go. The show aired during those four years and brought me comfort in a women empowerment kind-of-way and nostalgia in a Gossip Girl, Cruella De Vil origin story.

If you’re starting the school year questioning your major, watching a show detailing the life you’re currently yearning for might provide some clarity. You can stream The Bold Type on Hulu, Apple and Prime Video.

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