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All photos by: Sakeenah Raji

For those looking to enjoy a blissful brunch in Houston, take a look at The Sunrise House in the Montrose area.

I hadn’t gone out with my friends in a while and I was determined to find a place where we could grab a delectable meal for a decent price. Plus, of course, nice aesthetics for pictures. I presented a curated list to my friends and in unanimous excitement, we landed upon this hidden gem, setting the stage for a brunch expedition.

The first thing I noticed about the restaurant was the lovely decor outside. It was painted in a harmonious white, black and yellow with vibrant flowers draping over the building. Before I entered the restaurant, I was already excited by the warm invitation portrayed by the building’s exterior.

The interior was just as beautiful and was delicately decorated with Halloween in mind. The first thing I noticed off the bat was that my friends and I forgot to make a reservation and to my delight, we were still swiftly seated in less than five minutes. This was the beginning of the hospitality we experienced.

I ordered a meal of fish, grits and collard greens. This is usually out of my comfort zone as I had never tried grits or collard greens, however, I believed this was a new place so I had to try a new meal.

The fish was flavored nicely and had a nice crisp to it and the grits were creamy and light on the tongue. I found the collard greens to be a bit bitter for my taste. The meal in all was a pretty good portion size and I found it to be quite filling.

Whether it’s the charming decor, accommodating service or the delicious fare, brunch remains a cherished ritual that brings a touch of indulgence to our everyday routines. It helps put a bit of fun in the everyday busy school life.

Next time you plan a weekend rendezvous let the essence of brunch be your guide and take a chance to explore a new place in Houston. You may find a place as good as The Sunrise House.

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