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All photos by: Cindy Rivas Alfaro

Friday night, Stephen Sanchez brought the 50s back to Houston at White Oak Music Hall to perform songs from his new album “Angel Face.”

Constantly compared to Elvis Presley, Sanchez encapsulates that energy in his song “Shake” where he moves across the stage in classic Presley style.

He performed his iconic hit “Until I Found You” which went viral on TikTok, singles like “Evangeline” and “Only Girl” as well as popular old-school covers like “Oh, Pretty Woman” and “Unchained Melody.” 

His opening act, Stephen Day, took the stage prior to Sanchez’s performance to play songs from his older EPs and albums like “If You Were The Rain,” “Hey Lady” and his most recent single “Kinda Cowgirl.” 

Sanchez started off the concert with his slow, romantic ballad called “Something About Her.” The stage was plunged into darkness except for a few stray lights shining from behind him, but the darkness made the audience hang on to his every word like a fisherman to a siren.

The crowd was dressed to appeal to Sanchez’s ‘50s aesthetic, highlighting the eccentric red color from the era alongside classic suits. 

Sanchez makes sure to thank the audience for their efforts, even going as far as asking if he could take a good look at the crowd.

The 21-year-old crooner knows how to make the crowd swoon and there’s no denying his love for it. 

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