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All photos by: Oscar Herrera

Pierce the Veil made a stop in Houston at 713 Music Hall for “The Jaws of Life” tour this past Sunday. The venue was packed with new and old fans to see an (arguably) classic pop-punk group.

Destroy Boys opened the show, and seemed to be popular with the crowd. “Crybaby” was a favorite of the songs they performed. Overall, the crowd responded well to their sound and gave the band good energy.

Dayseeker came on after them, which was a super exciting group. The lead singer Rory Rodriguez mentioned that two years ago the band was driving eight to nine hours a day to play for 30-40 people, so this tour was a dream come true for them.

713 Music Hall, where the show took place, has a capacity of 5,000 people, so this was much bigger for them. Their album ‘Dark Sun,’ which was released in 2022,  really put them on the map and they played a few songs from that like “Neon Grave” and “Dreamstate.”

Finally, L.S. Dunes played right before Pierce the Veil came on stage. This group is super cool because its members are from iconic bands, such as the guitarist from My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero.

Lead singer Anthony Green had an incredible stage presence, which led to him swinging the corded microphone around. They were more “hardcore” than the other bands, but their sound was definitely cool, as they sang songs like “Permanent Rebellion” and closed with “Old Wounds.”

Pierce the Veil opened with a recording of “El Rey” by Vicente Fernández, a tribute to the band’s Hispanic heritage, which led to “Death of an Executioner,” from their most recently released album in February ‘The Jaws of Life.’ Confetti cannons also went off as they opened.

They played a solid mix of songs from their new album as well as their iconic songs like “Hold on Till May.” During this song, they brought a fan on stage. Lead singer Vic Fuentes gave her his guitar and sang the song to her.

They do this at every show and it’s become a fan interaction that is beloved by the crowds at each stop during this tour. The band began this tradition at the “When We Were Young Fest” last year. Additionally, they sang other classics like “A Match Into Water” and an acoustic version of “Bulletproof Love.”

The crowd sang along loudly throughout the show, especially to the older iconic songs. Even those at the back of the pit were having a great time. Vic was having some issues with his voice, which he admitted to the crowd during the show, but did say the crowd was helping him out with how loud they were singing. However, this didn’t have an effect on the overall show, because he still sounded amazing.

Pierce The Veil closed the show with the encore of “King for a Day,” which is an amazing collaboration with the lead singer from the band Sleeping with Sirens, Kellin Quinn. Vic sang the song solo for the most part in a lower key, with some backing tracks included.

Overall, the show was absolutely incredible and a dream come true to see PTV live. They put on an awesome show, and their openers were great as well. As the crowd held longtime fans who have followed the band for years, there was an opportunity to see bands they were familiar with and also discover new artists in the process. Overall, it was a lively show across all of the bands.

A gallery from the show can be found below all shot by Oscar Herrera.

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