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All photos courtesy of Cats for Mental Health

The University of Houston is home to not only Coogs but actual felines. Cats for Mental Health, originally UH Campus Cats, is a registered student organization that takes care of our community cats. It has rescued and helped many stray cats get adopted.

Which of these cute campus kittens are you? Take the quiz to find out.

1. Which would you prefer as a name?

A. Something after royalty or from a popular TV series

B. A nickname that ends in ‘y’

C. Something that reminds you of nature

2. What best describes your personality?

A. Energetic and sweet

B. Sleepy and quiet

C. Playful and cuddly

3. Which is most typical for you to do?

A. Accidentally destroying everything in your path

B. Doing anything to garner attention

C. Going outside to look for adventure

4. Which would you rather eat?

A. A burger

B. Granola or something oat-based

C. Bowl of soup

5. What state could someone find you in?

A. Shivering somewhere cold and wet

B. Wandering around campus looking for a friend

C. Talking with strangers in a new place


Mostly As: You’re Aegon!

This 10-month-old kitty is such a sweetheart, but his hyperactivity gets him into trouble sometimes when he accidentally destroys something. At only nine weeks old, about the length of three Chick-fil-A sauces, he was found shivering in a courtyard near Agnes Arnold. He has successfully been adopted into a loving home.

Mostly Bs: You’re Manny!

This little cutie just wants to be loved and cuddled. He spent a year wandering around campus accepting love and food from students. Manny is now three years old and has been rescued, earning the love he deserves.

Mostly Cs: You’re Shadow!

This chonky boy loves to hug and play around. He’s super fascinated with the outdoors and likes to hunt. He was found on campus being too friendly for his own good. Shadow is estimated to be between two to three years old and now lives in a loving home.

If you enjoyed getting to know these cute little felines, make sure to follow Cats for Mental Health on Instagram or join their Discord.

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