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On a Saturday evening, news broke that no one was expecting. It was found out that Matthew Perry had died. A common reaction was shock followed by verifying the news and not believing it.

“If I did die it would shock people, but it wouldn’t surprise anybody,” Matthew Perry said.

But he was wrong about this opinion. He was sober and advocating for drug addicts who were in recovery. Honestly, it is still unbelievable to consider.

It’s too hard to digest the fact that Chandler Bing, or Miss Chanandler Bong for some of us, is not among us anymore. He was not just a cast member in ‘Friends,’ he was our friend. 

As Chandler, Perry has been a part of our teenage as well as adult life. We all relate to him in some way or the other. He didn’t just give us an iconic character, but rather someone who made us laugh when no one could. 

It’s difficult to say goodbye to someone who made a fictional character come to life so vividly. The kind of heart-touching performance Perry gave will always keep his presence alive in our lives. 

As Chandler, he made a special place in our hearts exactly the way he did in the show. Chandler was one of the most beloved characters because of his traits and love for his friends. 

He was always there for everyone. He was there when Joey was broke and paid for his acting classes as well as headshots. He tried helping him financially by making up the game of ‘cups’ when moving in with Monica. He treated Joey like his own kid.

He helped out Ross and let him move into his apartment. He did mess up initially because of Ross’s annoying habits but made up for it in the end.

When Phoebe’s wedding was almost ruined because of the blizzard, everything went haywire. It was Chandler who took over Phoebe’s father’s place and walked her down the aisle.

Chandler and Rachel’s friendship is the most underrated duo. Chandler helps Rachel by setting her up with some of his coworkers at his office. He knows Rachel very well, they eat the cheesecake together and he even agreed to break up with Rachel’s boss because it could have jeopardized her job. He comforts Rachel when her parents are going through a divorce.

Chandler and Monica have a relationship to look up to. Chandler was a great friend to her even before they started dating and got married. He gave her comfort and warmth. He assures her that she is the most beautiful woman in this whole world when the old drunk man calls her Ross’s mother at his rehearsal dinner.

He tries to fix his relationship with Monica even after he messes things up. He respects her and tries to make her feel better when Monica realizes she gives terrible massages. He even convinced Erica to give them the baby because he knew how much it meant to Monica.

Just like any of us, he made mistakes too. Getting involved with Kathy, Joey’s girlfriend at the time and trying to hide it even when Joey asks him multiple times. He called Monica fat when they were much younger but later realized how stupid that was. He made out with one of Joey’s sisters’ and couldn’t remember which sister it was.

And as much as we all dislike Janice, he did some pretty unfair behavior with her. He lied about going to Yemen just to get rid of her!

But that’s what made him so relatable. He messed up like us. He was human. He smoked and made no bones about it, even though he knew that his friends disliked it and it wasn’t a good habit. 

He was the king of sarcasm. He gave us so many memorable dialogues, jokes, memories and the most iconic ending line ever.

On-screen, he was funny and warm. He often has his foot in the mouth when talking to the ladies but still manages to win over a few good ones. Even though he had his differences with his parents, he still invited them to the wedding.

Chandler Bing was us. We all lost a part of us. Matthew Perry gave us memories for our lifetime.

Therefore, this one’s for you, Matthew. Chandler Bing, forever in our hearts and souls. 

May you rest in peace and make everyone laugh with your witty comebacks, sarcasm and jokes the way you made us do just that.

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