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Graphic by: Len Duenas

Struggling to find the perfect org for you this semester? Look no further, let this quiz get you started on the right path. With an endless selection of interests to explore on campus, let these five questions narrow your options down to something unique to you!

Q1: How competitive are you?

A. A healthy medium, gotta have good sportsmanship!

B. I do my own thing.

C. Not at all. I just want to be a part of something fun!

D. Very. If there’s a first place, I’m winning it!

E. I’m more of a team player.

Q2: Your best friend’s going through a breakup. How do you cheer them up?

A. Get their blood flowing and go on a walk or a run! Get them out under the sun.

B. Take them out to the new local bookstore you’ve been eyeing. Who knows, maybe diving into a different world might help them forget about their current one!

C. Watch a ridiculously, lovey-dovey, corny show/movie together. Ice cream and all!

D. Listen to them. Be their shoulder to cry on. Nothing’s better than a mediocre at-home therapist!

E. Make them a playlist they can pour out their feelings to while listening.

Q3: You put on a study video. What kind is it?

A. People study?

B. Insert X scenario here playlist. I’m in my main character moment.

C. Study with me at a cafe! Soft piano covers of pop songs in the background. 

D. Study with me: Pomodoro method. White noise ASMR. I’m locked in.

E. Classic Lofi Girl, always. Can never go wrong.

Q4: What was your role in the school play?

A. The comic relief!

B. The director.

C. The star!

D. The side character everyone loves more than the lead.

E. I handled publicity.

Q5: What are you listening to?

A. Sports radio.

B. Sound effects to this video game I’m playing.

C. The most recent artist comeback, of course!

D. Classical.

E. Indie rock.


MOSTLY A’S – Tennis Club 

Always the life of the party and brimming with energy, it seems like it’s about time you find yourself a fun way to let it out! Get yourself a racquet and enjoy the sun!

MOSTLY B’S – Creative Writing Club 

Traveling to other worlds on your own can be a bit exhausting, so why not join others on their journey? With the Creative Writing Club, you’re sure to find a space with endless possibilities!

MOSTLY C’S – Hallyu Club

Centered around appreciating that of Korean Culture, Hallyu welcomes any and all students eager to participate. With monthly events, their very own dance team, book club and study dates, don’t be shy to join in on the fun!

MOSTLY D’S – Chess Club

Alright, alright. You’re a classic. I respect it. Chess match next Sunday?


All my music/production/film bffies, I got you! Not only immersive and student interactive, CoogTV proves as an experience for those ambitious in their creative craft.

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