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With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, it’s time to start preparing for a memorable date with your significant other.

Considering that most of the readers are students, the date needs to be budget-friendly as well. Cooglife has got you covered with date ideas that are not only affordable but cute as well!

Mini Golf 

Mini golf is a nice activity to try. It’s a suitable idea for both a first date and a 20th date. It is for everyone and has a safe and comfortable environment.

If you’re on a first date, mini golf will make it less awkward. It keeps the conversation going and gives you a lot to talk about without worrying about these things. It is a way to stay involved and helps you slowly become comfortable with each other.

If the date goes well, you can end it with a first kiss and a warm hug, always a classic!

Cook Together

If you both have time constraints and just want to spend some time together, this could be your way! Especially if you’re relatively new. This will give you an intimate and comfortable setting to get to know each other under low-pressure circumstances.

You can try out new cuisines, share your favorite recipes, communicate better with each other and create some really sweet memories! If you don’t know how to cook, just ask them to let you help them out.

It is a relaxing and super fun activity. You can easily enjoy each other’s company and have a great time together. You can even end the date while playing a movie in the background and playing board or card games.

Go For Ice Cream 

Who says a date needs to be elaborate and hours long? It can be as short as getting coffee or going for a drive and having ice cream.

It’s affordable and you can try each other’s favorite ice cream flavors or try something new. It will be short, cute and give you time to talk with each other and feel each other’s presence.

You can go to Shast’s Cones and More at UH itself for ice cream, candy and coffee!

Museum or Art Gallery Date

Museum and art gallery dates are really intimate and fun especially if you’re into history, photography and arts.

Your conversations can range from meaningful to silly depending on your personalities! It gives you an opportunity to interpret a painting or a photograph in different ways and understand each other’s perspective.

A lot of art galleries are free and most of them have casual cafes and cocktail bars that you can sit at and talk more.

To name a few, you can check out the Contemporary Arts Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Museum of Natural Science and more!


Build-a-Bear is the best thing that has ever happened to humankind. It is cute, not too expensive and silly!

You can choose a bear together, put your wish in and later dress them up. If you’re willing to spend a little extra, then you can build a bear for each other as well.

You even get to print a “birth certificate” of your bear. It will be a fun and sweet memory for both of you which you can reminisce about years down the line.

Go Bowling

If you want to keep it simple and fun, you should definitely go bowling! Especially if you and your significant other are competitive, you can have friendly competition too.

It allows you to get to know each other better because you can easily have conversations, tease the other whenever they miss a strike and open up with each other.

It’s not a stressful activity and doesn’t require much technical skills. You can easily find food and drinks too.

Bonus: UH has its very own bowling alley so you can go there after your classes!

Plan A Picnic

If you’ve been dating for quite some time now and are looking for a way to spend some time with each other, then it’s a great idea to plan a picnic together or surprise your significant other with a picnic date!

It doesn’t have to be fancy or Pinterest-y. You just need some food, sodas and a blanket. You can even get takeout food and pretend that you cooked it together.

Make a picnic playlist and play it in the background to become the main characters of your own story. Click some silly and cute pictures together and just enjoy each other’s company.

To add a little more fun, you can do painting on tiny canvases as well! Here are a few ideas.

Catch A Basketball Game 

Since the semester is in full swing now, matching your schedules can get difficult. Planning and executing a date, especially during the weekdays can get tiring and might not work out.

However, you can always watch a basketball game at UH after your classes. It’s a great and fun date idea, you can both wear red to support the school and above all it’s free for Coogs! 

You can then get takeout food and have a cute dinner date inside your car and have some intimate memories together.

You can find more about the basketball schedule here.

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