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Setting out on a first date can be equally as thrilling as it is nerve-wracking. When you’re surrounded by the vibrant energy of the beloved UH campus, the possibilities for memorable beginnings are endless!

Whether you’re a student looking to impress that cute person from your lecture, or simply trying to hang out with a “close” friend (hard wink, nudge nudge), these five spots are perfect for kindling connections and fostering easy conversations.

Cullen Family Plaza Fountains: Oasis for Two

The Cullen Family Plaza Fountains, located just left of the Hoffman Hall and in front of the Cullen Performance Hall, serves as the perfect backdrop for a romantic rendezvous. Rather than simply sitting at the benches by the water, liven up your first date by planning a picnic by the fountains!

Pack a basket with your date’s favorite snacks, a cozy blanket and perhaps (most definitely) a bouquet arrangement of their favorite flowers. While sharing bites of your picnic fare, the flowing fountains will provide a soothing soundtrack to your budding chemistry!

M.D. Anderson Library, Top Floor: Literary Love Affair

For bookworms and intellectuals, the M.D. Anderson Library offers an intimate yet academically stimulating setting. Venture to the top floor, where quiet corners and study nooks provide a cozy ambiance.

This location is perfect for those who appreciate the joy of reading or studying together. Share your favorite books, explore the shelves for hidden gems or engage in deep conversations surrounded by the scent of well-loved literature. The library’s serene environment encourages thoughtful conversation, making it an ideal spot for a date that transcends the ordinary.

Cullen Performance Hall: Cultural Connections

Inject some culture into your first date by attending a showcase at the Cullen Performance Hall! Play, concert or dance recital, the hall offers a diverse range of events that can be both entertaining and thought-provoking.

After the show, don’t be shy to discuss your thoughts and opinions. Who knows, you might find you’re more alike than you think!

Student Center Game Room: Bowling Alley – Strikes and Conversations

For a more laid-back and interactive date, head to the Student Center Game Room, where the bowling alley awaits! Bowling provides the perfect mix of friendly competition and casual conversation, so enjoy some light-hearted banter as you aim for strikes and spares.

Afterward, grab a bite to eat at the top-level food court inside the Student Center South! (And don’t forget to pay for your date’s meal!)

Cougar Grounds: Brewing Connections

For an ever-classic and cozy first date, Cougar Grounds, our infamous campus student-run coffee shop located within the Hilton Hotel on sight, is an absolute must. Grab a table by the window and sip on excellently brewed coffee made by our very own Cougaristas as you relax in the warm and comfortable setting, getting to know your date without the pressure of a formal dinner date.

Share your favorite coffee blends or try something new. You can even take your drinks outside for a leisurely stroll around campus!

Whether you choose the tranquil fountains, the intellectual haven of the library, the cultural richness of the performance hall, the playful competition of the game room or the cozy ambiance of the coffee shop, each spot provides a unique backdrop for cementing long-lasting memories. So, take the plunge— explore these captivating locations, and let UH be the canvas for your first-date masterpiece!

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