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One of the most unique and creative makeup trends to go viral lately, the Pat McGrath-inspired look has been creating a buzz across social media.

Pat McGrath is a British makeup artist known to be one of the most famous and influential in the world, especially in the fashion scene for her editorial and runway looks. Known for her influence and work, she owns her own makeup brand as well.

If you were to search for Pat McGrath’s iconic looks, you would find a wide variety spanning decades, styles, concepts and fashion houses. She has been working as a makeup artist since the ’90s, and her influence has been felt everywhere. She has worked with some of the most famous fashion brands in the world, such as Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, Valentino and Givenchy.

McGrath has gone viral for recently her stunning makeup looks that caused fascination and intrigue as part of her work with John Galliano for Maison Margiela.

Maison Margiela’s Spring 2024 Couture Show on January 25 featured a variety of looks utilizing corsets, exaggerated shapes, sheer gowns and a color palette ranging from neutrals to metallics and pale pastels.

The runway looks were absolutely stunning, but what really caused an uproar were the makeup looks on the models.

Many of the models had a white foundation base with vibrant and attention-grabbing colors on the cheeks for blush and on the eyelids. Their lips were accentuated to look like a doll’s with pencil-thin eyebrows or none at all. Their faces had bold colors and expressive techniques, but what made them so astounding was the glossy finish that made them look like porcelain dolls.

The makeup look quickly caused a commotion on social media as people not only fawned but wanted to know exactly how it was achieved. What was the product? What was the technique? People were searching for answers everywhere.

Thankfully, they didn’t have to wonder long as McGrath hosted an Instagram Live that Friday where she recreated the looks and demonstrated how to achieve them. It was here that she revealed her techniques and the products used for the Maison Margiela show.

The trick to achieving the look was a combination of peel-off masks and water together. She would then airbrush the mixtures on followed by a blow dryer to dry and set each layer. The peel-off masks were from a variety of different brands followed by the Skin Illustrator Clear Gloss.

Now with a clear guide and set of instructions, it didn’t take long for makeup artists and lovers across social media to begin experimenting. The look quickly became a sensation as people not only recreated specific looks from the runway show and their own renditions but also experimented with their own artistic sense and vision using McGrath’s techniques.

You can mainly find these posts by searching what people have been referring to them by, such as porcelain doll makeup or glass skin.

Some people have been applying the peel-off mask mixture and the Skin Illustrator Clear Gloss either exactly in McGrath’s footsteps with an airbrush and blow drying or with just a plain makeup brush. This was something very refreshing to see as it was good to know that you can recreate these looks even if you don’t have fancy equipment, and most of these face masks can be bought online.

In addition to the makeup looks itself, there is even a wide assortment of videos where people show the removal process for the dried products of these peel-off masks. Many people find it satisfying to see the way the dried peel-off masks and makeup seem to move like a second skin and crack before finally peeling off.

A highlight of this trend is witnessing the community created and uplifting each other in the name of fashion, art and experimentation.

What has been the most beautiful part of this trend is seeing people experiment with bright and unconventional colors to play with our ideas of proper and acceptable makeup. What makes editorial makeup so breathtaking is its refusal of conformity and its openness to the unusual. These makeup styles move beyond everyday looks and into the realm of artistic freedom and creativity.

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