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NRG Stadium pulsed with the vibrant energy of music on Sunday, March 10, as the legendary Hernandez brothers, better known as Los Tigres del Norte, delivered a record-shattering performance for Rodeo Houston’s Go Tejano Day.

The crowd roared in approval as a record-breaking 75,595 fans, surpassing Los Tigres’ own record set in 2019 by a mere nine tickets, packed the stadium.

The electrifying evening commenced with the annual mariachi competition, where Mariachi Jaliscience from San Marcos and Mariachi del Bosque from Conroe battled for musical supremacy. Mariachi Jaliscience stole the show from the opening notes, with their rendition of Vicente Fernandez’s classic “El Rey” igniting a wave of cheers and singing along from the audience.

As anticipation reached a fever pitch, the iconic Los Tigres del Norte brothers took the stage, launching into their powerhouse set with the electrifying “La Camioneta Gris.” These musical veterans, boasting over 32 million albums sold and a cemented position as one of the most recognizable names in Norteño music, had the crowd firmly under their spell.

The energy remained infectious throughout the show. During their poignant ballad “Quiero Volar Contigo,” the stage transformed into a vibrant display of cultural heritage as dancers emerged to perform a captivating ballet folklórico. This seamless blend of music and dance perfectly embodied the spirit of Go Tejano Day.

Los Tigres del Norte closed the unforgettable night with a powerful rendition of their signature song, “America,” sending the audience into a final frenzy. The thunderous applause that followed served as a testament to the brothers’ enduring legacy and their undeniable ability to captivate audiences across generations.


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