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We all have our favorite T.V. shows and web series that give us comfort and we can watch them over and over again. However, with most of these series, we have a bitter-sweet relationship with the ending scenes. How amazing would it be to have an alternate ending to them?

Here is a list of the top five T.V. shows that could’ve had a better ending.

How I Met Your Mother

Undoubtedly the most argued upon amongst fans is the conclusion to “How I Met Your Mother.” The ending scene shows how Ted Mosby steals the blue French horn for Robin Scherbatsky and reunites with her.

It is criticized because the finale threw off the entire premise of meeting the mother, Tracy McConnell, by killing her off! Even though she was perfect for Ted in all aspects. Viewers were left frustrated and heartbroken realizing that the ending was set in stone from the very beginning despite all the twists and turns. 

Alternate ending: The perfect ending to this amazing show would be the night Ted and Tracy finally meet on the train tracks. The moment they start their first conversation under the iconic yellow umbrella and the scene ends with Bob Saget’s voice saying, “And that, kids, is how I met your mother.”

Gilmore Girls

What started off as an interesting show, became mundane and predictable towards the end. It’s unbelievable to have a bad ending not just once, but twice. The leading show as well as the revival, both had underwhelming endings.

With Rory Gilmore moving away from Stars Hollow, the original show ended with absolutely no real closure. However, the revival is even worse with Rory being pregnant and the audience left with no answers as to who the father is.

The show’s attempt at a full-circle moment did not go as planned and turned the warmest show into a mother-daughter duo forced to repeat their own mistakes.

Alternate ending: The show ends with Lorelei Gilmore actually saying that she’s pregnant with her and Luke Danes’ child. Luke would’ve made an amazing father and Rory would’ve ended up becoming successful in her life, possibly ending up with Logan Huntzberger.


One of the longest-running shows in history, this show has created a lot of fan loyalty over its course of 15 seasons. The friendship and the brotherhood portrayed in this show along with the supernatural element made this show incredible!

However the ending, like many other successful shows, ruined its reputation. The audience witnessed Dean Winchester dying in an accident trying to clear a vampire nest. It was sudden, unexpected and fans felt he deserved a better ending.

On the other hand, we see Sam Winchester’s life in the form of a montage and he dies of old age. He later reunites with Dean in the afterlife. In the show’s defense, it had to change the original ending because of COVID-19.

Alternate ending: The perfect version of Sam and Dean’s afterlife would be all the people and the boys they met along the way on their adventure and journey. They would all be sitting together in a rebuilt Roadhouse and Kansas would play the official unofficial theme song, “Carry on Wayward Son.”

Pretty Little Liars

The beloved murder mystery had a lot of ups and downs. Every Tuesday for seven years audiences would whack their brains to figure out who “A” later “A.D.,” was. When it was revealed during the final episode, everyone was left unsatisfied.

It was Spencer Hastings’ evil twin whom the audiences never officially met. She had motives as simple as revenge and later jealousy from her twin sister’s life. The storyline was good but did not have any emotional connection with the audience leaving the ending flat.

Despite the ending being almost satisfying with Ezra and Aria getting married, Alison and Emily starting a family, Hanna discovering she’s pregnant and Spencer and Toby reuniting, the show could’ve ended better in terms of who “A” was.

Alternate ending: Considering the show’s plot from the very beginning, a better ending would be revealing how the real “A” is actually Alison DiLaurentis. Especially after her “redemption,” it would’ve made perfect sense and would come as a shock and betrayal to both the audience as well as the girls.


Friends has been a fan favorite for years now. Considered a comfort show, audiences not only felt attached to the characters but even the actors now.

The show had a great premise, light comedy and the New York City aesthetic. You could admire everything the show had from its tones to the feeling of friendship and bond the characters shared.

Despite running for almost 10 years, fans were unhappy with the ending. Even though Rachel Green doesn’t take the plane and returns, it’s heartbreaking to see the friends separate. The reason why fans love this show is because of the friendship. Even though it makes sense that the writers were trying to showcase the aspect of growing up and moving on it felt uncalled for.

Alternate ending: After adopting the twins, Monica and Chandler come back home to start their new life. We see Rachel and Ross finally getting married, for real this time and starting their family officially as well with their daughter, Emma. Phoebe and Mike also start their new family and Joey becomes the superstar he always dreamt of. We see the friends one last time, with their expanded family at the coffee house, getting old together.

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