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Country music newcomer Hardy brought his signature blend of rock and country to a packed NRG Stadium on March 2, marking his highly anticipated debut at the Houston Rodeo. With an estimated 70,000-strong crowd cheering him on, Hardy delivered a dynamic set that showcased his energetic stage presence.

The show kicked off with a bang as Hardy launched into his recent hit, “Sold Out,” immediately setting the tone for a night of electrifying music. Throughout the set, he seamlessly transitioned between his own chart-topping tracks like the foot-stomping anthem “One Beer” and the introspective ballad “Wait in the Truck,” to a rendition of “God’s Country,” a co-written track that earned him national recognition.

Hardy’s performance wasn’t just about showcasing his own music. He acknowledged the strict “family-friendly” environment of the Rodeo, jokingly mentioning he was on “a tight leash” and couldn’t use some of his usual lyrical flair. However, he playfully encouraged the audience to “fill in” for those missing parts, creating a fun and interactive moment with the crowd.

By the time Hardy closed out the show with his song “Quit!!” the crowd was left wanting more. His debut performance at the Houston Rodeo was a resounding success, solidifying his position as a must-see act for fans of both country and rock music.


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