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UH has a number of students living on campus at various residence halls. But have you ever wondered which residence halls resonate the most with your personality? 

Cooglife has got you covered with a quiz that will help you identify your “ideal dorm!” Also, if you don’t live on campus, this is a good opportunity to find out about your dream residence hall too!

Q1:  What’s your typical Friday night?

A. Movie Marathon with the besties 

B. Going out for dinner

C. Catching up with homework 

D. Cooking together 

Q2:  What kind of roommates do you prefer?

A. Love having roommates but prefer different rooms 

B. Pair of two is always the best! 

C. Having a close-knit group of roommates to hang out with regularly

D. Enjoying a mix of social interactions and personal space

Q3:  What describes you the best?

A. I am vibrant and and love socializing 

B. I choose my friends carefully

C. I am cozy and introverted 

D. I enjoy hanging out and getting to know people in big groups 

Q4:  What’s your favorite go-to activity?

A. Going to a basketball game 

B. Going to the recreation center and working out!

C. I love Barbecue!

D. Love spending time at the Den! 

Q5:  What’s your favorite place to eat on campus?

A. I love ordering from Doordash or getting takeout food! 

B. Moody Dining

C. Cougar Woods

D. love cooking!


Mostly As- Cougar Place: You are someone who loves spending time with your besties who are more often than not your own roommates! You enjoy socializing and watching UH games with your friends.

Mostly Bs- Moody Towers: You love working out on campus. You choose your friends carefully but when you do, you spend all your time with them! You love going for dinner too but would rather prefer eating on campus.

Mostly Cs- The Quad: You are indoorsy and love catching up with homework on fridays to keep those grades up high! You’re an introvert but have a very close knit group and friends and love spending time with them. Barbecuing every weekend runs in your veins.

Mostly Ds- University Lofts: An ambivert who loves spending time and getting to know people in large groups while maintaining some space for yourself. You love cooking as much as you love spending time at the Den on campus!

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