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Sometimes leaving a wedding early to go watch one band, can introduce you to another you will love. Drunk Uncle may be just that.

Staying clean and smelling nice can be difficult to do while camping, and even more difficult at the Texas Renaissance Festival. We compiled a few tips to help.

If your heart is full of cougar pride, but your wallet is empty, and on top of all that you're still looking for a costume - we have you covered.

Chelsea Cutler released her new album “When I Close My Eyes” on October 15. Track 4, "Devil on my Shoulder" describes her struggle with depression.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most spine-tingling films known to man… plus a few light-hearted flicks if things get a little too intense.

Halloween comes every year, and without fail someone is always scrambling to put together a costume at the last minute. We made it easy for you this year with this list of last minute costumes.

The Astroworld 2021 lineup has been announced. Travis Scott, SZA and Bad Bunny are all scheduled to perform, along with many others.

Homecoming Week starts Monday and along with the Saturday game, there are many events to attend throughout the week.

If you're wondering what's happening with the Houston Astros, we got you. We broke down what's happening now for those who aren't tuned in to sports.

The Houston music scene rivals Austin's. Not as much in the festival circuit (although Astroworld exists) but in the genres Houston offers.