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“Don’t Mix Prints”

Mixing prints can be tricky if your sense of fashion falls under a preppy or casual umbrella. By mixing prints you can draw the eye to a certain area and create a point of interest in your outfit. If you’re having trouble but want to try it, florals or cheetah and stripes are an easy mix and you can always start by adding in a few printed accessories if you’re not ready for a whole ensemble.

“Dress According to Your Body”

While there are obviously silhouettes that work better on different body shapes and sizes, we all know this rule means if you’re anything over a size six you might as well dress in a tent. The truth is if you’re confident in something, you’re going to rock it — the way you carry yourself is significantly more important than the type clothes you’re wearing.

“Don’t Wear Black and Brown”

This rule is the one I truly don’t understand. We all know that brown and black match everything, so why not each other? Now, I’m not a fan of all browns and black, to be fair. I’d argue that the best way to pair the two is to wear a camel or chestnut brown with black — the contrast is stylish yet effortless.

“Don’t Mix Gold and Silver”

Honestly, I’m terrible at this and I’m trying so hard to get better. This is just one of those things that’s been ingrained in me and I can’t seem to shake it. Truthfully though, I love mixed metal jewelry, especially if it’s in one piece — by that I mean a silver and gold watch or a necklace with different metals. The only way I’ve found that works for me is to use one already mixed piece and that way anything else I wear automatically matches but I’m still working on it.

“Older Women Shouldn’t Follow Trends”

This is complete nonsense. If you don’t know who Iris Apfel is you’re seriously missing out. Perhaps one of the sassiest, quirkiest and most fashionable women in the world, Apfel is a style icon at the ripe age of 96. This woman has been serving looks for almost a century and thankfully, she has no intention of stopping.

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