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As the semester wraps up and the weather gets cooler, students at the University of Houston may often feel at a loss when it comes to figuring out what’s appropriate to wear and when. Because that may be what you’re really worried about when final seasons approaching, right?

How many ways can we say “Houston’s weather sucks” without sounding like a broken record? You already know its deal, sunny mornings are cold, and afternoons are cloudy and humid, and there is always a chance of rain. How can you prepare for every weather condition at once? And more importantly, how can you manage to look cute while doing so?

Here’s a handy how-to, with broken down outfits for every occasion–because we know what matters most right now is what you’re wearing. Finals schminals.

A regular day

Winter fashion is usually credited as most people’s best dressed season, where thick coats and expensive boots are retrieved from the very very backs of our closets. Houston’s winter time makes for unpredictable changes in the weather, so it’s always a good idea to layer up when visiting campus. A temperature drop from mid 80s to low 60s? You’re a pro. Layer up with long sleeves and a heavy coat to wear and disrobe as you please. Our model, Billion, wears a thin scarf to accessorize and chunky German military boots, paired with textured corduroy to keep things interesting. It’s winter time, so anything goes. When the sun comes out and you start to break a sweat, shed the coat and go about your day. All items shown were purchased at your local thrift store. If you’re feeling a wardrobe change coming on, keep it easy on your wallet by visiting a Family Thrift or Value Village.

Photo by Binish Azhar | Model: Billion Tekleab

When in Houston

If you’re spending the day out, hitting the Galleria or picnicking in Hermann Park—you’re bound to snap a few pictures. Winter wear, although versatile, can be a little hard to maneuver when it comes to looking “cute.” Throw it back to some classics by falling in line with our model Billion, who adorns a smock styled oversized dress with a western suede vest. Winter doesn’t mean you can’t play with some color. Billion wears velvet blue shoes to keep it simple enough to stay comfortable, but nice enough to paint the town with your friends. You can layer up underneath to keep warm, and paired with chunky boots like hers, no winter can stop you from looking cute.

Photo by Binish Azhar | Model: Billion Tekleab

A night out

Whether it’s a party, a club or even just Agora’s—carrying a lumpy coat everywhere with you is the last thing you want. Our only solution? Don’t.

Chances are, you’re decked out in a really cute possibly pneumonia inducing outfit, and how can it be worth it if it’s not shown off? It’s winter time, which means the prospect of wearing a skirt is slim to almost none. Cute pants aren’t always impossible to find, and if you look hard, you can find ones to keep you warm as well. The best way to go about this is wearing something thick, for example, leather.

Billion shows it off best, wearing leather (pleather works too) pants and yet again, some chunky booties. Her halter top is thick sweater material, and as long as you’re layering up underneath, the winter won’t get you down. Another tip; wearing layers of thigh high or knee length socks will keep you warm, stockings work too if you’re not showing any legs. Winter-wear can and will be conquered.

Photo by Binish Azhar | Model: Billion Tekleab

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