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Love languages are the ways we chose to give and receive affection, whether that be through gifts, words, services, touches or time.

Finding which love language you appreciate most could be tricky at times, because every healthy relationship has a small dose of all five to share with a partner, but continue on to find out what you value most as your love language.

  1. When you get home from a long day away, what would you want to come home to?

A: Your partner wanting a hug
B: A new bouquet of flowers on the table
C: Your partner with Netflix open asking what show you want to watch
D: A clean house and a home cooked meal waiting
E: A love letter on the counter from your partner

  1. How would a perfect date go for you and your partner?

A: A night in cuddling on the couch
B: A scavenger hunt consisting of little trinkets that are meaningful to your relationship
C: A planned out picnic or game night with your partner
D: A casual day running errands with your partner and getting treated with a massage after
E: A chance to walk and talk on the beach with your partner

  1. If you and your partner got into a fight, how would you want them to apologize?

A: Actions are bigger than words, a hug or some kind of comfort touch would solve it
B: An apology can come in a form of bringing home or making your favorite food
C: By taking you out to ice cream or just go on a drive around town
D: Doing chores around the house so you don’t have to
E: Saying they’re sorry along with a string of compliments and reassurances

  1. What makes you feel close to your partner?

A: Physically close, intimately or with a comforting touch
B: Sharing a material object together or having the same thing as them
C: Being able to do your own thing in the same room without it being awkward
D: Having them make you breakfast in bed or do something to make you smile
E: When they confess their love for you or tell you how much they appreciate you

  1. What’s more meaningful to you in a relationship?

A: Intimacy with a partner
B: Feeling appreciated and remembered
C: Getting to know everything about someone
D: Having an unspoken bond with someone
E: Being able to communicate easily with someone

  1. What is something you would not appreciate from your partner?

A: Distancing themselves without explanation
B: Forgetting important dates and occasions
C: Avoiding you with no excuse and leaving unexplained
D: Always relying on you for things
E: Not being open about how they feel


Mostly A’s: Your love language is physical touch! This can mean you like to be close to your partner and feel comforted by being there with them. You value the things in a relationship that sometimes can be shown more than spoken.

Mostly B’s: Your love language is receiving gifts! Valuing this can sometimes be misinterpreted as you only care about material objects, but having gifts as your love language just means you find sentiment in objects that connect you to your partner.

Mostly C’s: Your love language is quality time! If you enjoy this the most, you can spend the whole day with your partner doing different things without getting tired of them, that being said, you both can understand when each of you needs alone time and you value that connection.

Mostly D’s: Your love language is acts of service! This can mean you like your partner to know and understand your needs and how to relax you when the time comes. You feel loved by little surprises that can benefit you or your relationship.

Mostly E’s: Your love language is words of affirmation! Valuing words of affirmation just means that you think it’s nice to be appreciated out loud. Having your partner recognize things you do is validating and just hearing these things aloud shows that they care to you.

Graphic by Autumn Rendall

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