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What’s up Coogs! This week we will be continuing our WandaVision in Review with episode 3. After last week’s bombshell filled ending in episode two, fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for the end of act one in this nine-part series. So, let’s get ready to dive deep into the mystery that is WandaVision.

This week’s episode takes us to the 1970s with a Brady Bunch inspired episode. Fans of the black and white episodes will be slightly disappointed as this episode is in beautiful color. Not just in any color though but beauty 1970s technicolor!

(Now like I’ve said before I won’t mention spoilers at the top of the review if they happen in the episode. However, I have to talk about last week’s ending because they are major parts of the show now. So, if you haven’t seen last week’s episodes, you’ve been warned!)

That’s right if you watched last week’s episode you know that it ended with several bombshells. 

One of those being was that the world converted to color once Wanda found out she was pregnant (which was another).

So, if you missed that bombshell in the last episode don’t worry because the intro prominently features a pregnant Wanda Maximoff. The intro seems to be a mix of Three’s Company and the primary source of inspiration for this episode The Brady Bunch. 

WandaVision impressively manages to throw in an entire storyline’s worth of pregnancy tropes into just one episode. From Vision being the bubbling nervous expecting father, Braxton Hicks contractions, and Wanda trying to hide her baby bump with every prop imaginable. Wanda even calms Vision down as he freaks out over her contractions.

Once again, I have to sing show creator Jac Schaeffer’s praises for keeping Wanda and Vision’s relationship at the heart of the show. The small intimate moments are what make WandaVision shine above the rest. WandaVision could easily be lost in the sitcom gimmick or the epic MCU storyline but it doesn’t because at its core is the purity of Wanda and Vision’s relationship.

Moments like Wanda and Vision getting into a cute little argument over what the baby’s name should be. Vision wants the baby to be called Billy after William Shakespeare and Wanda wants it to be Tommy. 

As Wanda’s pregnancy progresses her powers wreak more and more havoc. So much so that she begins to question whether the neighbors might suspect her for the weird occurrences. This leads to the episode’s first surprise twist, one that happened in last week’s episode actually, only this time more advanced.

Wanda’s pregnancy advances so quickly that Vision has to run off and get the doctor using his powers. Wanda is not alone though as Geraldine aka Monica Rambeau played by Teyonah Parris comes over for a visit. 

Wanda goes to ridiculous lengths to conceal her baby bump, everything from using a giant fur coat, to a bowl of fruit. Elizabeth Olsen is incredible in this scene, her expressive reactions from running around trying to hide her pregnant belly will have you laughing every second. 

Then things get really bizarre, I mean really really bizarre. I’ll leave you the fun of seeing this for yourself, but it is a weird one.

Wanda eventually has the baby and there is another surprise as well, but I’ll get into that spoiler next week. There are a few more surprises that I’ll talk about down in the spoiler but the last thing I want to talk about is the direction in the last few moments of the show.   

Director Matt Shakman has been doing a masterful job with the show. Managing one universe can be hard enough but incredibly Shakman is balancing two. Delivering on the nostalgic charm of classic sitcoms while also seamlessly incorporating the MCU aesthetic when needed. 

By far the most incredible shot (and most terrifying I might add) in the show has to be in the last few seconds of this episode. As Wanda stares out, suddenly the world begins to transition from the WandaVision world in 4:3 to that of the MCU. And as that world takes shape it gives the audience a clear and conscious message. We aren’t in TV Land anymore!  

Final Verdict: 8/10


(Let’s talk about the big themes and mysteries in the series)

  • Hexagons?
    • This time we get hexagons in the intro for the Brady Bunch themed intro. What is their connection to the series?
  • Herb glitching?
    • How much control does she have over Westview if her contractions can make Herb glitch? Who is in control of Wanda or is someone controlling her?
  • Wanda rewinds time again.
    • This time it was different, it was more of a reset than a rewind. Is she getting better at it?
  • Why are the same two actors used for every commercial?
    • Is it a coincidence or are they part of the team controlling Wanda?
  • A STORK?!?!
    • Ok, what was the deal with this? And why was Wanda unable to blast it away with her powers? Again, is Wanda in charge or is someone else secretly controlling her and this world. 
  • The Twins?!
    • Billy and Tommy aka Wiccan and Speed as they are known in the comics. I think the real question here is whether they really exist? Will they exist outside of Westview or are they just figments of Wanda’s imagination. 
  • The doctor can’t get out.
    • Do the people of the town know they are trapped? Just how cognizant are they?
  • Why did Agnes and Herb fear Monica?
    • Again, is everyone in the town under a spell, or are they there just to keep Wanda under control? How did they know Monica was an outsider?
  • We are all…?
    • How much do the townsfolk of Westview actually know? And what are they scared of? Are they scared of Wanda or someone else?
  • Wanda vs. Monica?
    • What happened or what was said between those moments once Wanda discovers who Monica is and we see Monica jettisoned outside of the town.

Photo is a promotional photo of Marvel Studio’s ‘WandaVision’, which airs every Friday on Disney Plus

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