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It’s safe to say that New Girl has made a lasting impact on pop culture and even the situational comedy genre as a whole. Although the show does have some pretty iconic scenes and characters, I would argue that the heart of the series is in finding your chosen family.

Think of the scenario put in place by the show. A quirky girl from Portland finds a random apartment on Craigslist with three guys. She is ecstatic to get to live with three friends and become part of their family of sorts. The guys have all known each other for years, yet they let this stranger come into their friend group. As a result, these people become each other’s best friends. They go through break-ups together, crazy Thanksgiving dinners, career changes, birthdays and many other important life events. The guys help Jess get her stuff out of her ex-boyfriend’s apartment. Develop sympathy period pains when living with her. Create an epic drinking game with each other that will last years.Those are just a few of the group’s traditions and shenanigans throughout the show.

These friends develop a bond stronger than normal relationships. There is something to be said about found family. It can be even more important than blood relatives because these people choose to love you unconditionally. You can be one hundred percent your crazy self around them, even if that self if awkward, goofy and has the worst luck.

In close-knit groups of people, there are unique elements that each person brings to the table that helps them fit together as a family. For example, one person might be better at cleaning than other people. Another person might be better at making everyone bond as a group. Someone else might provide the hangout spot. In New Girl, this couldn’t be more true as the characters each have valuable different insights into each other’s relationships, careers and lifestyles.

The good thing about found family is that it is not exclusive. Therefore, Cece (Jess’s friend) becomes part of the group even though she doesn’t live in the apartment. This also highlights the importance of long-lasting friendships. Cece and Jess have been friends for fifteen years which means that they have seen each other grow up into adulthood. There are very few people that get the privilege to grow up with you.

Of course, there are arguments between the group. Life isn’t always perfect. People fight, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other. There might be debates over whether it is hygienic to bring in furniture from the street, or arguments over whether it is okay to have “night peanuts” in your nightstand, or misunderstandings as to whose towel is the one on the far right. The arguments could even be as petty as to who gets to buy the pretty purse. However, all of the characters find a way to resolve their issues, and live together in harmony.

The point is that one day, you will look back on these memories you made with the people you chose to spend time with. You will be able to see which friends choose to stick around for the long haul, and which ones were just part of a detour of your life. Maybe those are the people you base your book about zombies on, or the people that throw you the best birthday party of your life, or the friends that teach you basic life skills like how to do laundry, or the friends that build a fort with you, or even the friends you have terrible Thanksgivings with. The truth is that not all the people in your life will be around forever, but that doesn’t make their impact less significant. There is something important about looking back on the journey of the people who loved you into the being you are today.

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