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Having a room that shows who you are and what you love can be a wonderful thing, but figuring out what that looks like can be a little stressul since there are so many options. Is your dream space more modern-looking? Soft grunge? Academia? Cottage-core? Take this quiz to figure out what your perfect living environment could be…

Question 1: What would you consider your favorite time of year?

A: Spring time just as school is ending and the flowers are blooming
B: Autumn just has so many great holidays and the start of school and routine
C: I love the summer because there is just something so fresh about it
D: Being bundled up during the winter time is the best

Question 2: What hobby of yours would you use to decorate?

A: I really like plants or those fake vines that some people put on their walls
B: I’m a big reader so every book I own is on display on my shelves
C: I like having Polaroids and pictures of my friends and I on display
D: I’m a really big music fan so either my records are on display or posters of my favorite bands/singers

Question 3: What light source would you go with?

A: Fairy lights are so delicate and cute and really bring the room together
B: Nothing compares to having candlelight by you while you work at night
C: A nice lamp that ties the room together
D: Those TikTok LED lights look cool

Question 4: How are you on keeping plants in your room?

A: I love all kinds of plants, I would try to incorporate them in my room design if I could
B: I feel like I always forget about plants and accidentally let them die, so I avoid them
C: I have those fake plants and succulents around, no effort with them
D: I am not a plant fan

Question 5: Do you like the idea of other people in your room?

A: Maybe a friend or two, but my room is usually my space
B: I’m okay with friends or a study group coming in, I don’t know how many people would fit though
C: My room was made for more people and having them over
D: I don’t like anyone else in my room, I’m on the verge of having a keep out sign

Question 6: Which color scheme sounds the best to you?

A: I like neutrals like white or brown with maybe green or yellow tints
B: A tan or brown neutral with blue and red tints to pair
C: I like a solid black and white theme, maybe the exception of pastel blues or pinks
D: Dark tones to pair with black like a dark blue or purple fits


Mostly A’s: Your dream room aesthetic is cottage core! You just need a place for your plants and green things and your room is the perfect place to have them.

Mostly B’s: Your dream aesthetic is academia! Whether this is light or dark academia, your room is where you get most of your work done and feel productive.

Mostly C’s: Your dream aesthetic is modern! This look is very clean and pristine, just like how you like to keep your room, you want it to be magazine ready at all times.

Mostly D’s: Your dream aesthetic is soft grunge! Your room is a space where music is enjoyed and the vibes are immaculate, you’re here to enjoy it and only you.

Photo on top left corner by Jean van der Meulen from Pexels, photo on bottom right corner by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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