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Masks aren’t just for protecting people from a virus anymore–  they have turned into a fashion statement.

During the pandemic, we saw masks go from beyond just a plain piece of cloth covering our face, to something that can be personalized and manipulated to even the most boujie of clothing options. 

For some, masks were an outfit ruiner, but for others, it turned into a fashion show– 2020 style of course. Let’s dive deeper into some of the ways that people use masks as a fashion accessory.

Matching sets

Many fast fashion websites and stores such as SHEIN and Forever 21 have options for a customer to buy a mask that will match the outfit. Forever 21 and SHEIN have options for any outfit choice, whether that be a plain shirt, a going out dress, or just a sweatshirt with sweatpants outfit. Stores weren’t letting the mask get in the way of their fashion. 

It went even as far as swimsuits on some websites. I think we all remember summer 2020 when the swimsuit and mask sets were trending. These were huge with fast fashion retailer Fashion Nova, but they could also be found on Amazon, too.

People went to major extremes to be sure that the mask was in fact not ruining their sense of style.

Expanding brands with masks

Some brands went as far as creating their own line of face masks to sell to customers. It was during this time that they not only advertised fashion, but also safety and comfort. Athleta made hits with their cloth mask. Their goal with this was creating a mask that people could still work out in. But not long after, other retailers began selling masks of their own. Some include Banana Republic, Steve Madden and Old Navy. 

These businesses did what they know how to do best– profit off of a hard situation with the accessory that we all needed most.

Fake designer masks

This one is for all the people who love to step out in their designer clothes with their designer handbags, shoes, hats, all of it. 

People began making and selling masks that had designer print and logos. This was the perfect situation for all my extra people out there. The masks were no longer just about safety and fashion, but also about showing out.

It sounds crazy, I know, but these masks are actually super popular. Anyone who wants one can find them at flea markets or on online websites such as Etsy. 

Masks became so much more than just a safety precaution from COVID-19. They are now a part of fashion, people’s personalities, and for some, our everyday life. 

With masks now included in the fashion world, maybe we’ll still see them around long after they’re needed.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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