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Whether you are trying to figure out if you’ll post Halloween pictures in costume or what to wear to that party you were invited to that just slipped your mind, there is always time to whip up the perfect outfit for the holiday.

If time just seems to be running out and you are out of ideas, here are a few costumes that could be good for you, you and your significant other or your friend group.

Easy Group Costumes
If you and your friends are in a last-minute situation and want to do the easiest Halloween costume possible, but still look cute and match, all you need is a white sheet and some accessories.

With this white sheet, you and your crew can be ghosts. But, this can be spiced up with one wearing fun sunglasses, another wearing reading glasses or a hat. Someone can even throw on a fake mustache over the sheet, the point is, this can be personalized any way you see fit.

For an extra step, if you and your friends use different colored sheets, you can go as the ghosts from the video game Pac-Man.

Keeping on the trend of wearing different colors in a group setting, if each friend in the group sports a different plain colored shirt, all you need to do is print out the Teletubbies logo and there you have it. If you really want to add something extra to the costume, you can make pipe cleaner hats to resemble the shapes the Teletubbies have on their heads.

A little more complex of a group costume can be well-known characters or bunches such as the mystery gang from ‘Scooby-Doo’ or the Spice Girls. These are recognizable groups and each costume can be made your own by visiting a local thrift store and finding materials that match character personality or color scheme.
Even if you and your friend group do not want to match exactly, if you all follow a similar theme, like superheroes, monsters or even something as fun as the pregnant woman emojis on the cover of Drake’s new album, you can make this Halloween work in your favor all the while managing to get some cute pictures of your crew.

Quick Couples Costumes
Whether the partnering was recent or the invitation to a party as a couple was last minute, couples costumes can sometimes be hard to think up in a time crunch.

If you and your partner can find a common interest that has a duo or couple with easily recognizable clothing, such as a favorite TV show or book, that could be a good place to start looking.

A good way to throw on a couple’s costume last minute could be utilizing items you already own. Depending on your outfit aesthetic, you can dress like couples who are similar to you and your partner like Linda and Bob from Bob’s Burgers or Rue and Jules from Euphoria. Also celebrity couples are on the table like Kim and Kanye (even if they are no longer together) or Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.

Also, choosing a costume for you and your partner to match does not have to be limited to canon couples. Choosing a duo with recognizable colors like Mike and Sully from ‘Monsters Inc.’ could be a good way to show who’s together.

There is even a play on words that could be put into couples costumes. One person can dress as a cow while another dresses as a farmer. A couple can even go as one another just by swapping clothes for a last-minute costume. Or, even go as another couple you know just for fun.

Last Minute Solo Costumes
Coming up with a Halloween costume for yourself can be stressful if there is no group to hop on to, but never fear, there are easy ways to still put yourself together for the night.

The movie ‘Mean Girls’ did it best when it came down to last-minute Halloween costumes still being cute. Going to the dollar store and grabbing the nearest pair of ears with a fun outfit to go with it can be great for any animal costume. Whether it be a cat or mouse, you can draw on some whiskers for that additional flare.

If you have time to dig to the back of your closet and find some clothing pieces that would be fit for the past, you can make your costume based on someone from a previous decade. Holding on to those 70s inspired flare jeans and flower crop tops then ends up being useful for something.

Even clothes don’t have to be the biggest part of your costume. If you can find a fun monster or character with a specific make-up look, painting your face can be a fun way to get in the Halloween spirit.

No matter how you choose to spend the holiday, your costume should be fun and not a way to stress you out. DIY is always a good way to go, and just remember that even the simplest ideas can be the cutest costume there.

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