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Family Weekend is upon us! Whether you’re a new or returning Coog, most parents would love an insight into their kid’s everyday life in college.

Here are just a few ideas of where to take your parents or guardians if they visit for Family Weekend!

Football Game

While football isn’t the only fun thing to do on campus, it’s certainly a big draw to parents visiting, especially with UH entering the Big 12 conference this season.

UH faces off against Sam Houston State University that weekend, so it’s sure to be a good game to watch with your parents. Going to a game together is certainly a good way to spend quality time.

Student Center South

The student center has plenty of places to eat if you’re planning to stay on campus for the majority of the weekend.

Additionally, the Games Room is a popular place to hang out. It has bowling, billiards, table tennis and plenty of fun arcade games. Plus, if you hand them your CougarCard, your parents will get the student rate for games as well. You might even see a familiar face from Cooglife working there.

The Den

While not technically considered “on campus,” it really is just as walk away.

If your parents are into a bar-type atmosphere, this could be a great place to take them before or after the football game. The Den offers a wide selection of drinks but has a pretty good menu selection of food as well. While I haven’t personally been too many times, I’d definitely recommend ordering the fries.

Moody Towers Dining Hall

While we all know Moody doesn’t always have the best food, it’s a great place to go to show your parents where you might head for a typical day on campus.

If you have a meal plan, you could use your guest passes and get them a “free” (or prepaid) meal. Parents are excited to see what a day in your life looks like, so taking them to Moody is great. It’s also probably a better choice than Cougar Woods, as it is a larger space with more options.

Cougar Grounds

There are quite a few coffee spots on campus, but Cougar Grounds takes the crown of the number one coffee spot in most student polls around UH.

The atmosphere here is so fun and inviting. Additionally, your family might be staying at the Hilton anyway, so this would be a great spot to take them during their stay.

Visiting Eric’s Restaurant could also be a cool experience if they’re staying at the Hilton, as they have robot servers.

This list is just a few fun spots to take your parents, as there could be many more. Family Weekend is a great chance to catch up with your parents and show them what your life is like at college. Have fun Coogs!

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