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Halloween is just around the corner, and you’ve probably started thinking about what you’re going to be this year. If you’re part of a trio of friends or siblings and you’d all like to dress up together there are plenty of cartoon trio characters costumes you could replicate.

Here are some ideas to help you get your spook on and reconnect with your inner child.

PowerPuff Girls

The PowerPuff Girls represent girl power, which is why they’re a perfect choice for a set of three friends or siblings. You can dress up as the PowerPuff girl that best relates to you.

If you want people to recognize you as The PowerPuff Girls, getting the essence is crucial. Each girl should dress in the corresponding colors of the PowerPuff girl they’re representing. This would be pink for Blossom, green for Buttercup and blue for Bubbles.

The attire could be a dress or a basic top. Knee-high socks and Mary Janes are a must if you really want to look like The PowerPuff Girls. Don’t forget to get a simple black belt to emulate the black part of the iconic dresses.

You can also personalize these costumes by adding accessories. You could wear sunglasses color coordinated with your designated color. These earrings from Claire’s give MAJOR PowerPuff vibes and could be a great touch!

Bikini Bottom Crew

SpongeBob and his friends can be a tricky one, but that’s where the creativity comes in. If you search for SpongeBob costumes on Google Shopping, you’ll get a bunch of tacky costumes that are ridiculously expensive. Yes, it can be hard to pull off SpongeBob and his friends because they’re sea creatures, but as long as you capture the essence of SpongeBob, you’re sure to impress and be easily recognized by others.

For SpongeBob’s signature attire, you need his red tie, dress shirt and brown work shorts. SheIn has extremely cheap red ties perfect for SpongeBob. You could even go for a cropped dress shirt if you’re going for a more adult look. Or, alternate with a yellow basic top or dress shirt to emphasize that you are SpongeBob, or add a black or brown suit vest on top.

Cargo shorts, a khaki or skater skirt would go great with knee-high socks and basic black work shoes. Don’t forget the freckles! You could easily draw a few faux freckles on your cheeks with eyeliner or washable markers to emulate SpongBob’s.

For Patrick, all you’ll need is a basic pink cami top, polo or tank top paired with this replica of Patrick’s signature shorts from Amazon. If you wanted to make this costume more feminine, you could buy a Patrick-inspired skirt like this. If that’s a bit pricey, you could simply attach purple felt flower cutouts to a green skirt like this using these easy instructions.

You could have a bit of fun with it and add fishnet tights or knee-highs with cute black heel boots as a reference to Patrick’s outfit in the first SpongeBob movie.

Sandy Cheeks has two basic signature looks. The astronaut outfit she wears when she’s underwater and the purple bikini she wears in her dome. You can pick whichever works best for you, but the bikini would be the easiest and quickest to put together.

If you’re not comfortable with exposing too much of your body, you can opt for a full-body swimsuit. Don’t forget to add some accessories! You could wear a nice Texas necklace (since Sandy is from Texas), a faux flower behind your ear or even a cowgirl hat. You could wear cowgirl boots or just simple purple flip-flops. Adding a rodeo rope as a prop would also be a nice touch and really capture Sandy’s Southern heritage.

Huey, Dewey and Louie

If you want to be Donald Duck’s nephews, then it’s going to be super easy to pull off for any trio of genders. Like the PowerPuff Girls, each duck is represented by a color. In this case, the colors are blue, red and green.

All you need is a basic long-sleeved or short-sleeved top and a cap to match. You’ll also need pants because you’re not a duck, you’re a human! Wear white shorts with orange knee-high socks or white shorts or skirts with orange stockings to resemble the lower half of the ducks.

If you want to make it even more apparent that you’re supposed to be a duck, you could make your own duck feet and wear them over some white or orange socks. WikiHow also provides steps to create a whole duck costume. You could also buy some white wigs to be more readily recognized as these ducklings. To enhance this costume, try sewing or gluing this feather fringe from Amazon to your white shorts or skirts.

Totally Spies

Searching for Totally Spies costumes on Google will bring up results for some costumes that are a bit too cheap-looking or cosplayish. If cosplay is what you’re going for, that’s fine, but if you want a more realistic look, then you can get a full bodysuit in the colors you need (for this one it’ll be red, green and yellow) from Amazon.

You can create the belt yourself by getting a silver belt and hot-gluing a purple heart gem to it. Instead of using purple heart gems for each costume, you could alternate with the corresponding colors of the catsuit. Yellow heart gems would go with the yellow catsuit, green gems with the green suit, etc.

These are only some ideas to inspire you and your trio to create costumes this Halloween. The key to pulling these off is to be true to the original design of these characters, but still always make these costumes your own. Have fun with it and research DIY hacks online to save tons of money. Look at how others approached these trio costumes. And lastly, have a happy Halloween!

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