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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about what you can gift your special person.

When you’re with someone you love, the price or the materialistic attributes don’t matter. It’s the emotions and feelings that go behind the gift that have real value. From DIY to budget-friendly ideas, there are a thousand options to explore and Cooglife has a few favorite mentions.

Vintage Music Box

If you want to be old-school and subtle, you can gift your significant other a vintage music box for a decent price. 

It’s cute, sweet and thoughtful as you can even find a song that means something to the two of you. This hand-carved wooden music box can play songs like “You Are My Sunshine” to”Can’t Help Falling in Love.” 

Here is the Amazon link for the wooden music box!

Custom Star Map

This personalized constellation map is so cute that it can easily make anyone go “awwww.” 

You can choose a date which is important to both of you like your anniversary date, the first time you went out or saw each other and then it’ll create how the night sky looked that day!

It is meaningful and reminds your significant other that you remember important moments! You can find it here.

Make a Card 

The easiest and most personalized gift ever. The amount of warmth a hand-made card holds is truly magical and romantic.

There is no better gift than a handwritten letter to your loved one on a special day. It’s intimate and cute. There are tons of different ideas that you can find on Pinterest or various places online.

You can make a silly card or a cute card. If you find these ideas too mainstream, you can try being creative and come up with your own ideas!

Mini Canvas

This isn’t a pre-prepared gift, but a really sweet and interactive one. All you need is a mini canvas, some paints, brushes and you’re good to go!

You can create paintings for each other or do the good old thumbprint paintings on both of the canvases.

It’s easy to store and cheap. You both can keep your canvas on your desk, bedside table or anywhere that will remind you of them. It’s a fun little activity and a great present.

Cook For Them

If you’re someone who’s good at cooking, then you should definitely do this! Be the Lara Jean Covey to your Peter Kavinsky.

You can cook their favorite food. It can either be a three-course meal if you have time but since most of us reading this are full-time college students, it can easily be something as simple as a brownie or a cupcake.

You can be fancy, make it all pink, decorate it with accessories and make it into a special V-day date!

Face Socks

If humor and being silly together is your love language, then you should definitely check this out. These face socks are extremely funny and will definitely make your significant other laugh.

You can use your photo, a goofy photo of you together or a goofy photo of them on the socks. It’ll always remind them of you whenever they’ll put them on!

You can find the different colors and personalize it here.

Initial Bracelets

A simple and classic gift. These are perfect if you want to be subtle and just want to show an act of appreciation.

You can choose a variety of couple bracelets from wearing each other’s initials to both of your initials to even each other’s zodiac signs.

These are cheap, easy to find and there are lots to experiment with! It would mean so much to both of you.

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