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Walking around campus, you’ll likely see many students with an energy drink in hand. Between different brands, sizes, flavors and packaging, there are endless options and it can be fun to experiment with them.

While energy drinks are a cheaper and more caffeinated alternative to coffee, please remember to consume responsibly and avoid excess amounts of caffeine. Let’s dive into the different brands and the flavors offered.

Alani Nu

A personal favorite, Alani Nu has 200mg of caffeine, no sugar and arguably the most creative and fun flavors and packaging. With classics like Cherry Slush and Juicy Peach, to the new Orange Kiss, there are endless flavors to try and new favorites to find.

Alani Nu also sells Energy Sticks in packs of 10. With five of the classic flavors, just add one packet to water and mix, making it easy to stay caffeinated on the go.

Top flavors: Cherry Twist, Breezeberry, Dream Float


If you’re looking for one brand to test out, this is the one. Celsius has over 20 flavors, all with 200mg of caffeine and no sugar. If you prefer non-carbonated drinks, they also have a few labeled “fizz-free.”

With flavors like Sparkling Fuji Apple Pear and Sparkling Cola, you’ll never be bored.

Top flavors: Sparkling Astro Vibe and Fizz Free Peach Mango Green Tea

Red Bull

While other brands have a variety of sugar-free flavors, Red Bull only has their original flavor in sugar-free so if zero sugar is a priority, stay away. Red Bull also has less caffeine, but depending on what you’re looking for, it might be a better option due to its lower caffeine content.

I’ve tried my fair share of energy drinks and out of all brands and flavors, nothing has topped Coconut Berry.

Top flavors: Coconut Edition (Coconut Berry), Blue Edition (Blueberry), Green Edition (Dragon Fruit)


Often the first brand that comes to people’s minds when they think of energy drinks, Monster has creative packaging and a variety of flavors, including coffee and tea collections.

The Market and vending machines around campus sell different flavors, so there’s never a shortage of Monster. The original flavor contains 160mg of caffeine, making it a good medium between other brands.

Top flavors: Ultra Blue, Ultra Rosa, Ultra Peachy Keen


Out of this list, Reign is where you’ll get the most bang for your buck and you can find it around campus. Sold at the Market, each 16-ounce can contains 300mg of caffeine and no sugar so drink at your own risk.

Top flavors: White Gummy Bear, Razzle Berry, Cherry Limeade

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