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With the current emphasis of astrology in pop culture, considering someone’s zodiac sign seems to be a prevalent aspect of the relationship when you first start dating someone. As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, here are some ideal first dates I’ve planned around each sign of the zodiac. Take this advice at your own risk, as I’m really not qualified to be giving it. But yeah, have fun, stay safe and have a great Valentine’s Day.


When I think of Aries, I think youthful, competitive and incredibly active. With that being said, I think axe throwing would be a fun way to bond with an Aries and get to see them in their natural habitat. I also think Aries do have a taste for life’s finer things, so they could be a great person to take to a trendy new bar. I would also bet that they would order a liquor heavy, serious drink to let their date know that they aren’t here to play.


Every time I see those TikToks of people being outside and in love, I think of Taurus. I believe the most ideal first date for a Taurus would be to be a sunny day picnic accompanied by the perfect charcuterie board. I also really do think this would be the type of date where you would end up making a cheesy TikTok, so I would mentally prepare yourself for that. 


Geminis are fun. I’m sure a date with a Gemini would be fun. With such a youthful and playful spirit, I think anything involving a game would satisfy a Gemini. Specifically, I could really see them enjoying dressing up and going to a NBA game and channeling the Hailey Bieber/Bella Hadid/Kendall Jenner courtside aura. I also think they would be down to spontaneously get tattoos or piercings afterwards, truly living this life in the moment.


In my head, going on a date with a Cancer is like hearing stories of your parents dating way back when, getting excited to call each other from a rotary phone. Okay your parents probably aren’t that old, but I digress. I would recommend cooking a nice meal with your Cancer date and lighting some scented candles or something. Maybe play We’re Not Really Strangers, idk that might be doing too much but hey – you never know how it could go.


To put it in simple terms, Leos enjoy this life. Kind of like Geminis, they enjoy the games, they value fun. I think Leos would love to go on a dinner date to a Korean barbeque place or Hot Pot, something that can entertain them with the cooking aspect, but is still fancy and gives them an opportunity to have a photoshoot. 


If you are looking for organization and an extremely fleshed out date plan, you should go out with a Virgo. I can’t really explain why but when I think of virgos dating, I think of two freshmen studying in M.D. Anderson Library and then going to a frat party afterwards. But my revised date suggestion would be to go to your local Barnes and Noble and casually chat while studying, and then heading off to your dinner reservation at a Cheesecake Factory type place 15 minutes early.


Libras are hard to please. But they have such nice taste that I’m sure a date with one would be pleasurable. I would recommend going out to somewhere that would feed into their luxurious taste, like maybe The Post or a contemporary art museum. For dinner, I think the newest sushi place would be ideal.


One thing about scorpios- they are mysterious. I think for a first date especially, they would love to be in an environment where they won’t be easily perceived. I think scorpios had to have invented that -post a man’s hands as an Instagram soft launch move- but let me get back on topic. For a date with a scorpio you should go to a dark, mysterious restaurant. Afterwards they would go back to someone’s place. That’s all I have to say.


As a mutable and fire sign, sagittarius likes to have fun and enjoy this life. For that reason I would recommend a date that romanticizes a simple life, like trivia night at a bar with a cover band playing live music. For dinner, I would recommend keeping the fun easy going thing going by eating at a casual and cute food truck.


Capricorn is a productive sign. If you are going on a date with one of these girl bosses, I think you should match their energy. A great way to do this could be through an early morning hike. As an earth sign, they will get their nature fix in, while fulfilling their need for productivity. To top it all off, y’all should go to a  local diner afterwards that’s probably run by some people’s grandparents. 


Similar to Sagittarius, on a date with an Aquarius I think you’re better off going with the simple route. Starting off with the meal, a middle-tier suburban chain is the way to go. Mod Pizza. Blaze Pizza. Five Guys. Salata. All great options for an Aquarius. As far as the activity, a popular and casual game like roller skating or bowling will probably go well. Worst case scenario you could probably get a cute picture from it.


As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces have such a value for life and nature’s soothing pleasures. A great date with a Pisces would be picking strawberries at a farm. Take the long way driving back home. Listen to relaxing indie music. Live life like it’s a Kacey Musgraves song.

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