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With all the free time students have on hand during summer break, it’s the best time to crack out some pots and pans and try some new recipes.

If you’re a history buff, just really love Texas or just want a new place to explore we have the vacation for you. Based on Texas history, we created a road trip guide filled with culture. Learn something new and explore the Lone Star State with our road trip guide.

OK. You’ve secured an internship. Good job! Now, how can you make the most out of it? You want to squeeze every bit of information out of your time. We’ve broken down some tips on how to get everything and more out of your internship.

If you’re not big on going outside, but you still want to enjoy summer, video games are a great option to consider. An even better idea are video games those simulate that soothing summer feelings.

Free tickets, discounted hotels and a chance to build up your resume, all while working at the happiest place on Earth. If any of those perks appeal to you, the Disney College Program could be what you’ve been searching for. Katherine just got a spot within the competitive program.

While summer classes may not sound fun, sometimes they’re necessary. Be it graduating on time, desiring a smaller class size or just because you want to. If you’ve never taken a summer class, we’ve got you. Here’s everything to consider when it comes to scheduling and preparing for a summer class.

We’ve compiled a list for everyone who says, “there’s nothing to do in Houston.” And it isn’t even comprehensive.

Here at UH, Learning Abroad is always there to promote cross cultural interaction and studying abroad all over the globe. This summer, I attended an intensive Arabic program at the American University of Beirut, in Lebanon. AUB is one of the top tier accredited universities in the whole region, and the Center for...

Last weekend, students and young professionals alike descended upon San Marcos for what may be the ideal summer festival in Texas. With temperatures soaring in major cities like Houston, Austin and Dallas, the creators of Float Fest provided a much needed getaway to beat the heat. “The energy of the festival was...

As another Texas summer heats up, Houstonians will surely find themselves in need of a cool drink. Check out our list of refreshing summer drinks and cocktails. Plus, these fun refreshments are a guranteed bordeom buster if you decide to DIY. Peach-Ginger Zinger: Summer gets a little more peachy with this tantalizing...