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Vegan eats in the H

Let's Eat!  /   /  By Jeana'e Jackson

The opportunity to experience vegan cuisine is becoming more popular in various communities across the world. As a member of the vegan community here in Houston, I think Houston is home to some of the finest vegan restaurants for anyone interested in trying something new.

The wide array of vegan eateries in Houston is something all cities should strive to. Often, I’m asked if there’s any food that I miss since transitioning to being vegan, and honestly, there really isn’t. I find myself able to fulfill any craving I have with the options accessible to me.

If anything, eating vegan food allows me to indulge in some of the best food I’ve ever tasted. The diversity of the city is reflected well in the foods found here, and there is a vegan restaurant for every palate.
From Mexican to Middle Eastern and spanning a wide array of different types of dietary needs, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. When you have this many options, you have hundreds of opportunities to give different varieties of vegan foods a chance.

Here’s a list of three vegan restaurants that I think deserve a visit! Their food is absolutely amazing, and I consider these options to be some of my favorite vegan eats here in the city.


My top favorite! Known for their Mexican food, Cascabel is a popular favorite among the vegan community. Their wide range of options on their menu allows guests to experience amazing tacos, unmatched quesadillas and yummy tostadas.

The cocktails Cascabel offers are also high on my list of things to try when visiting for the first time. Whether it’s savory, salty or sweet, their drink selection is highly recommended with options for everyone!

Depending on the day, the restaurant offers specials on cocktails, which is a nice option to have for celebrating with family, friends or just with yourself.

Green Seed Vegan

Green Seed Vegan is a plant-based restaurant that offers live foods, juices and smoothies. This restaurant is 100 percent vegan, soy-free and offers gluten-free options.

I recommend trying the Cali, a tasty burger with chicken-fried cauliflower, arugula, red onions, pickles, tomato, mayo and spicy aioli on a whole wheat bun. Another favorite is the kale salad. It is a refreshing side to add to any meal!

Flower Child

I recommend trying the simple hummus or avocado hummus, which is full of flavor and nice to have as an appetizer before a meal. Both are listed as vegan on the menu.

This restaurant offers vegan, vegetarian, paleo and gluten-free options. Flower child is a great place to go with family and friends with an array of diets.

The Mother Earth bowl is a favorite of mine that I love to eat for lunch. The dish is filled with ancient grains, sweet potato, portobello mushroom, avocado, cucumber, broccoli pesto, charred onion, leafy greens, red pepper miso vinaigrette and hemp seed.
Flower child also has various protein options for those that are looking to add vegan or non-vegan proteins to their meal. I recommend adding some tofu to the Mother Earth bowl to bring it all together!

I highly recommend all of these restaurants when trying vegan eats for the first time. Houston is home to many other vegan restaurants like these and each offers a great chance to introduce plant-based options to family and friends!

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