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Every year I see people starting to celebrate Halloween by the time September rolls around, but why?

Before I continue, I personally don’t always celebrate Halloween too much myself (because you know, it’s not really an official holiday), but even if I did make a great effort every year, starting nearly two months before the day comes still seems pretty early.

Therefore, in the most blunt way I can say it: celebrating Halloween before October arrives is just dumb.

The popularity of Halloween is definitely understandable, and honestly, what’s not to like?

From kids trick-or-treating in neighborhoods giving out candy, to people of all ages dressing up in a variety of different costumes taking in the scares at haunted houses, Halloween is a major holiday with celebrations that are unique.

However, given that August has zero national holidays and September only has Labor Day to celebrate, some might be eager to get into the holiday spirit, which has Halloween up next in the queue of such days on the calendar.

In all honesty, there isn’t much room to hate on Halloween because of the way it is fun, different, and brings joy to people of all ages.

However, I just can’t wrap my head around why people start decorating and getting into the Halloween spirit in September. It’s just too early, and sometimes can look stupid considering Halloween is on the last day of October and nothing about September screams scary season.

So please stop, just wait a few weeks until October arrives and then everyone can start decorating their homes with all the pumpkins and skeletons they want, as well as throw on whichever costume they decide to wear.

While we are on the subject, there is a relatively decent amount of people who start jumping into the Christmas season and spirit just as soon as Halloween ends.

For similar reasons to my take on Halloween season, I think it makes zero sense.

Are we simply going to ignore the existence of Thanksgiving? See, I can understand where some people may not celebrate Thanksgiving but even if that was the case, the whole Halloween argument applies in this way since Christmas is just under two months after October ends.

The way the seasons don’t really match each respective holiday also makes quite the difference. Thanksgiving and the entire month of November encapsulates what autumn looks like in full swing, where the summer heat has long faded into and the leaves have changed colors.

Christmas season has its own feel to it, best described by the cold, snowy and winter vibes that come with the time of year.

With that being said, it just doesn’t make sense for people to skip from Halloween to Christmas.

There’s so much time in between including Thanksgiving, which is one of the most celebrated holidays in the country. The way it is advertised and glorified nationwide, you just cannot miss it. 

Ultimately, whether you celebrate it or not, it’s still there. So as soon as that passes, then everyone can get jolly about Christmas.

Photo by Don William

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