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Award show season has finally dawned upon us with the Grammys, Emmys, Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards all happening within the past month. Hundreds of awards have been given out, announced and celebrated.

Unfortunately, it’s not hard to conclude that award shows were once highly anticipated and are now struggling to muster up an impressive amount of viewers.

What was once fresh, new and exciting for viewers is now begging to be put out of its misery and thrown out. It’s time for award shows to finally retire. The pure essence of what was once a celebration of immense talent amongst all creative fields has now become a boring, tired and played-out ceremony only valued by young people for its red-carpet looks and memorable moments.

Award shows have played a pivotal role in the cultural landscape of films, music, acting, art and creativity. The shows bring people together and create enduring moments in modern history.

While the global impact and the dedication of artists are undeniable, the current state of award shows raises questions about its standing among celebrities and audiences alike.

Over time, certain patterns and trends have emerged within award shows. Audiences feel it lacks that sense of surprise previously felt.

From the film community coining the term “Oscar bait” to describe films whose sole purpose has been to win academy awards, to X users dubbing The Grammys as “The Scammys” because they feel as though multiple artists have gotten scammed or snubbed at this most recent award show. Everyone is ready to throw in the towel.

Look, it is not breaking news that these award shows are ready to be laid to rest, but this year’s surge in scandals has underscored it’s well past its prime.

Between Jo Koy’s terrible and tasteless misogynist joke at the Golden Globes to The Grammys straight up stealing Nicki Minaj’s Grammy from her, the recording academy had made a post on X, formally known as Twitter, announcing and congratulating Minaj for her Grammy, only to delete it hours later and reannounce a new winner for “Best Rap Song” as Killer Mike.

Awards shows have slowly hit a downfall and the credibility has borderline been plummeting.

The current state of award shows suggests a shift in public perception, signaling what was once a celebrated and highly anticipated aspect of the entertainment industry is now facing challenges.

While award shows have historically been a cornerstone in the cultural landscape, bringing together talent from various creative fields, recent events and scandals have highlighted the struggles. As the industry and audiences evolve, it remains unclear whether award shows can adapt to regain relevance or if its time has indeed come to an end, to be respectfully thrown out along with the forgotten chunky milk in the back of the fridge.

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