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It is the season of love, and that’s just about the perfect excuse to indulge in some swoony romance stories, even if you don’t have your own yet! Watching two people falling in love in so many different ways, sometimes in the most unexpected of circumstances is exactly just what our heart needs from time to time. Leave it to books to set our standards of finding “the one” so high!

Here is a list of romance book recommendations you can add to your to-be-read pile which are perfect for the holiday of love.

The Do-Over by Lynn Painter

Let’s start the recommendations by talking about a book that is set exactly on Valentine’s Day. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

“The Do-Over” follows the Groundhog Day trope which means the main character is stuck in a time loop, experiencing the same day repeatedly. In this case, our main character Emilie is experiencing the worst Valentine’s Day ever again and again, as she watches her boyfriend cheat on her… every single day!

However, things begin to change when Emilie keeps bumping into a mysterious boy, Nick. She soon realizes that something good can come out of this nightmare she’s stuck in. But what will happen after these do-overs stop happening?

Lynn Painter’s writing is full of wit, fun banter, easy dialogues and the most adorable characters. If you want something light-hearted and easy to read this Valentine’s Day, “The Do-Over” is the perfect addition to your list.

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon

If you’re a fan of the academic-rivals-to-lovers trope, “Today, Tonight, Tomorrow” might just be the perfect romance book for you!

Rowan and Neil have competed with each other throughout their entirety of high school, always trying to outshine each other in every way academically. But when they’re forced to team up for a scavenger hunt in the buzzing city of Seattle, they learn more about each other than they have ever before.

If you want to see how two unexpected people fall in love while navigating their way out through a fun scavenger hunt, this book is the right fit for you. This book is bound to leave you with a smile on your face and may compel you to start looking for your academic rival in hopes that you both end up falling in love with each other one day, just like Rowan and Neil do.

Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

Imagine you’re living your life, following your typical day-to-day routine until one fine day, you unexpectedly bump into your childhood best friend and first love, and suddenly, nothing is the same anymore!

Well, you don’t have to look any further because “Love and Other Words” encapsulates that scenario perfectly! This one is perfect for all the second-chance romance book lovers.

“Love and Other Words” is the ideal Valentine’s Day read because it makes you believe in the magic of fate and second chances. It’s also suitable if you like more emotional and intense love stories.

Love from A to Z by S.K Al

If you’re looking for more representation in books, “Love from A to Z” falls under the right category because this follows two Muslim teenagers falling in love when it was least expected.

The book follows the story of Zayneb and Adam, who have a chance encounter during their flight from London to Doha. Coincidentally, they happen to continually bump into each other from time to time after that. They can’t help but wonder about the connection they’ve seemed to have formed.

This book does deal with sensitive topics, but the way the love story is crafted and the way the two characters form a connection is so heartwarming. It’s a great change from a typical love story because it represents how one’s own struggles can impact their relationships with the people around them. But the book ends on an optimistic and hopeful note and reiterates that love triumphs over everything else. And that is what makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day!

A Taste for Love by Jennifer Yen

For all the fans of The Bachelorette and The Great British Bake Off, “A Taste for Love” is the book made just for you this Valentine’s Day because it combines the two concepts in the sweetest way possible. The icing on the cake is that the book is set in H-Town and is written by a fellow Houstonian! And we love to support our local authors, don’t we?

The main character, Liza Yang finds herself stuck in a complicated situation when she learns that her Asian mother (and owner of the famous bakery in town) has set up a baking competition where all the contestants are actually potential suitors for Liza. Though Liza has no interest in being with anyone at this point in her life, things begin to get more complicated when she actually finds herself falling for one of the contestants… whom she may or may not have bumped into before the competition even began!

If you enjoy baking, reading about characters from different cultural backgrounds and want a cute love story to devour, “A Taste For Love” may be the book you want to consider.

Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

How does a love story set in Florence, Italy sound? If you want to be transported into the charming city of Florence while being tucked under your covers, “Love and Gelato” should be your pick this Valentine’s Day.

This book takes on a beautiful adventure of a girl, Lina, who is trying to solve some mysteries about her mother after she passes away. The only thing accompanying her is the diary that her mom left behind, which tells her to go to Florence.

Though this book packs an emotional punch and deals with grief, it’s different because it’s a journey of self-discovery and self-love. And when Lina is accompanied by a cute Italian guy who helps her navigate through the city, the story becomes more enjoyable and cute.

If you enjoy the book, you can catch its movie adaptation on Netflix as well! Happy Reading!

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