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What you missed at the So What?! Music Fest

What you missed on day 2 of the So What?! Music festival in Arlington.

A review of what you missed on day 1

Fans stood in line for hours in the freezing rain to get a good spot for Louis Tomlinson's Houston show Thursday.

The 'When We Were Young' festival seems too good to be true, but for right now -- it's true. Tickets go on sale Friday.

Adding to the ranks of LGBTQ+ musicians FLETCHER is gaining popularity with her songs "Cherry," and "girls girls girls."

DJ Diesel, more commonly known as Shaquille O'Neal, is DJing his first Houston show Friday night at Sekai Day and Night on St. Emanuel Street.

They don't say "sex, drugs and rock and roll" for no reason. All of those aspects come into play with the story of how Eric Clapton stole George Harrison's wife.

Sometimes leaving a wedding early to go watch one band, can introduce you to another you will love. Drunk Uncle may be just that.

The album may not have been what many people were expecting because it shows a side of the rapper and singer that his singles don’t, a vulnerable side.