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Photos by: Oscar Herrera

On Saturday, Maggie Rogers delivered an unforgettable performance in Houston on her “Don’t Forget Me” tour. 

The singer-songwriter took the stage at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion after storms during the day. Rogers brought an undeniable charisma to the stage and had her audience dancing and singing throughout the night. 

Before Rogers took the stage, openers “The Japanese House” fired up the crowd with their hits such as “You Seemed So Happy,” “Sunshine Baby” and “Touching Yourself.” They also played an unreleased song “Smiley Face” for the crowd. 

Rogers opened the concert with “It Was Coming All Along,” the first song off of her latest album, “Don’t Forget Me.” She made her way through the album, chronologically signing  “Drunk,” “So Sick of Dreaming” and “The Kill.” 

Throughout the entire set, Rogers was up on her feet dancing and swaying through each song. It was evident in the audience that they were having fun, it was hard not to, Rogers has a magnetic presence. The audience was singing and dancing through the night. 

During “Love You for a Long Time” there was a kiss cam that went through the audience. The cam was met with cheers and cute moments in the crowd. This unique moment for a concert is a great call back for Rogers’ song “So Sick of Dreaming” which famously references the Knicks losing. 

To break up her most recent album, Rogers played “Overnight” and “Honey” from her previous albums “Heard It in a Past Life” and “Surrender” respectively. Throughout the set, Rogers had amazing vocal strength and range. 

A special moment from the show was when Rogers performed “I Still Do” on the piano. This tour is the first time she has played piano on stage, Rogers told the audience. 

“There is something about this instrument that’s quite vulnerable. On a guitar, everything sounds casual. Now, on the piano, everything suddenly sounds dramatic,” Rogers told the audience. “I think that’s why I go to a piano for some of my most dramatic feelings.” 

After the song, it’s hard to imagine a world where Rogers doesn’t sing and play the piano for the audience. She had truly captivated her fans and it was a sight to behold for everyone at The Woodlands. 

Throughout the night Rogers performed all but two songs from her latest album and also performed songs from her previous albums such as “Alaska,” “Back in My Body” and “Light On.” The energy in the room never flattered and it seemed like the night would never end. 

As the night went on, Rogers’s performance kept getting better — more confident and bolder. On the “The Don’t Forget Me Tour” Rogers certainly delivers an unforgettable night for her fans.


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