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So you’re vaccinated, you’ve been staying as safe as daily life allows, and you’re itching for some fun. You want to be among people, but not in a rona-ridden club environment. Well, do I have the activity for you. 

The Texas Renaissance Festival! It’s completely outdoors, save for a few shops and restrooms, but they all have their doors propped wide open for maximum ventilation, and the staff is hyper-diligent about sanitizing everything. 

If you follow the right precautions, you’re bound to have a blast while still being COVID-safe. But what if you want to camp out? Being free of COVID is one thing, but how do you stay fresh and clean when camping out in an overcrowded site? Well, I have a few tips for you. 

  1. Wet wipes are your new best friend

Not only will these come in handy during any bathroom trip you take (be in a hole or a porta potty, prepare to be traumatized), but they’ll also serve to wipe up any other gross thing you come across. They’ll clean your hands before and after messy camp meals, wipe up cooking utensils, and clean off any muddy tools. Heck, I use them to take a quick wet-wipe bath before changing into my PJ’s. 

2. Keep clean clothes away from smoke

You’re going to have a campfire, that is a given. But as yummy as burning wood may smell, the scent it leaves on clothing isn’t as sweet. I recommend keeping your clean clothes stowed away in your tent/backpack, where the nightly smoke can’t touch them. And while you’re at it, be sure to store dirty clothes in a plastic bag, where it can’t touch clean items, nor bother you with its smell. 

3. Maintain your skincare routine

Yes, it is certainly difficult to take care of yourself without a counter and some running water, and you might be tempted to skip it altogether. But sweat and old makeup combined with junk food and high-energy activities is the perfect breeding ground for acne. Don’t be lazy! You might enjoy it! I love sitting on the edge of my tent with a water bottle to wash my face, brush my teeth and moisturize. The early sunrise or the twinkling stars are way better entertainment than YouTube on your phone propped up next to your sink. Bonus: the lack of a mirror does wonders for your self-esteem. 

4. Wear a protective hairstyle

Hair is one of the most absorbent things on the planet. You walk by one guy smoking a cigarette and all of a sudden you smell like a chain smoker until Tuesday. You’d better believe your hair is about to smell like every turkey leg, campfire, and drunk LARPer on the grounds. If you want that wash to last you, I suggest braiding your hair, putting it in a bun, or wearing a hat to protect it. They even have hair braiders on-site if you want something classier. If you need extra help at the end of the day, pack some dry shampoo and hair perfumes to apply in the privacy of your tent. 

5. Take a shower… if you DARE

Now this, I actually don’t suggest. Yes, there are showers at camp. But they’ll rob you of $5 for every 5 minutes you spend there. You’ll leave cold, soapy, and with a new plantar wart from a fellow camper. Instead, I suggest taking a tip from a hunter and getting a shower bag. They’re relatively affordable, easy to find and pretty easy to use. Of course, you need to set up some sort of partition to give yourself some privacy, and the water is likely to be cold, but I like to leave my bag on the roof of my car during the hottest part of the day, and that give you a nice luke-warm shower by the time you’re ready to bathe. 

The Texas Renaissance Festival is excellent fun for the whole family, be there a pandemic or not. Stay safe, stay clean, and go live out your fairy tale dreams!

@cynthia_zelaya _ | Executive Editor 2022-2023 | Assistant Editor 2021-2022

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