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Graduate programs require a lot of work and commitment from their students. When considering a master’s degree, research all the different cool and exciting programs available to you. Checking the admission requirements wouldn’t hurt either. 

Here is a list of a few unique and interesting graduate programs offered around the nation.

Joint JD (Law)/ MS (Journalism) degree

Juris Doctor and the Master of Science degrees in journalism are offered at universities like Columbia University and UNC. 

Joint Degree in Journalism(M.S) and Religion (M.A)

Students will earn a B.S in Journalism and an M.A. from the school of religion in this dual degree offered at Columbia University. 

Masters of Science in Foresight 

Offred at UH, this graduate program will give students the knowledge to anticipate significant changes to help influence their client’s long time goals. 

MA/MFA Puppet Arts 

Offered at the University of Connecticut, for students pursuing careers in performing arts, theater and drama. 

These are just a few programs offered at different universities in the U.S., although this is not an extensive list. To better understand your options, it’s always good to research joint/dual degree programs as well as interesting programs that may be offered at a university. 

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