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The M.D. Anderson library, located near the Student Center, has been a sanctuary for thousands of cougars, serving as a space for learning and memorable experiences. Before adopting this space as a resource, you should familiarize yourself with the plethora of assets and spaces in the library. The Basics The...

As a rising senior, I have had a variety of experiences with dozens of tales to tell about life at the University of Houston.  As a student who arrived just before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, I would say my previous statement is a lie. For many present and future Coogs, the “the best years of our lives” were...

While summer classes may not sound fun, sometimes they’re necessary. Be it graduating on time, desiring a smaller class size or just because you want to. If you’ve never taken a summer class, we’ve got you. Here’s everything to consider when it comes to scheduling and preparing for a summer class.

It's not news that parking at UH sucks, but have you ever wondered what people did in the past to get around it? Now, we aren't suggesting you try any of this out, but we're not your parents.

"Upon arriving at my cubicle, I knew I wanted it to look like Stevie Nicks puked on it, which meant I would need some spooky and vintage items. Spooky, but not tacky. Vintage, but clean. Well, there’s only one thing to do: go shopping."

People go to grad school for a multitude of reasons, and many people choose to take a break between their undergraduate and graduate education. If you decide to pursue a master’s or doctorate, know that your age should not affect your choice.

Finding a roommate as a undergrad versus finding a roommate as a graduate student may seem similar, but different ages can mean different priorities. We compiled a list of things to consider when you start your search.

When people think of grad school they may think of online classes and a fast paced curriculum with no time for typical college activities. That doesn’t mean you can’t get involved on campus.

Depending on your major, your career goals and finances, pursing a graduate degree may or may not be in the stars for you.

There are different exams depending on the type of degree you’re pursuing. We broke down some of the most common ones.