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Although I’ve been at the University of Houston for three years, I’ve only gone to one sports game. If you are someone like me who doesn’t frequent places like the Fertitta Center for basketball games, here are some things you need to know to show off your Cougar Spirit and get more familiar with going to games.


Now, before you can even get started on attending a game, you need to get a ticket, right?  

The University has a fun little process where student tickets are released a week before gameday. Once you cop those tickets, you add the ticket to your phone wallet and you’re good to go. However, if you are a part-time student, not from the UH main campus or from the opposing team, tickets will not be free.

What To Bring

On game day, I made sure I double-checked with the venue’s rules on what I could bring.

The number one rule is to bring a clear bag and make sure you dump out all of your liquids before you enter the stadium. If you want to learn more about the rules and regulations, make sure to check out the Fertitta Center website or UH Athletics for more information.

With the basketball season just starting, keep an eye out for announcements about any cool fan-coordinated events that include wearing a certain color or celebrating an anniversary. If tailgating is something you’d like to try out, social media and flyers around campus are a good way to find a place!

What To Wear

As for what to wear for the game, make sure you check the weather! Although you’ll be inside, you might want to take some pictures beforehand and the AC gets kind of chilly indoors.

Some cute outfits to wear for a more feminine presenting look could be a tennis skirt, either black or red, with a top in reverse colors. For a more masculine look, black jeans and a jersey, or even a Cougar T-shirt could suffice.

For outerwear, a simple baggy zip-up hoodie or a jacket could make sure you don’t get cold. If you have any official UH merchandise, make sure you make use of them at the game! 

If you want to get more creative with your look, you can use red face paint to draw two lines on your check to show your Cougar Pride. 

The last and final thing I suggest you should do is have fun!

To be honest, I think my favorite part about going to sports games at UH is that you are surrounded by your fellow classmates, stranger or not, and you are all there to support your team. It’s also a good place to meet other people and take a break from all the studying and exams you have throughout the year.

If you haven’t gone to a basketball game yet, I strongly encourage you to check out when the next game will be and make sure you get your student tickets! You never know what memories you’ll make.

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