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Graphic by: Jamie Thornton

It all started with a naming contest for an orphaned cougar cub. Since 1947, Shasta the Cougar has been the University’s mascot and a beloved symbol of UH.

Over the many years, Shasta has gone through many phases and transformations while representing the Coogs. Every version of Shasta has a different personality and outlook on life. Take this quiz to see which mascot is most similar to you.

1. How do you react to your victories?

A. Doing a ton of pushups

B. Dancing and taking celebratory photos

C. By silently taking pride in your accomplishments

D. Celebrating with friends and showing off

2. How do you express your personality?

A. Making witty jokes and dancing

B. Smiling and being carefree

C. Mostly acting on instinct

D. Being goofy

3. What do you like to wear on game days?

A. Exactly what the athletes are wearing

B. A cheerleader outfit or something sporty and always matching accessories

C. Nothing. Or nothing game-related anyway

D. Something comfy, like shorts and a T-shirt

4. What do you like to do for fun?

A. Hang out around campus and goof off

B. Spend time with friends

C. Eat raw meat and climb mountains

D. Be active, maybe jump around

5. How do you solve problems?

A. Being resilient and not letting it get to me

B. By looking on the bright side!

C. By learning, growing and staying determined

D. Trying not to think about it

6. What are you passionate about?

A. Winning

B. Being a team player

C. Family

D. Basketball


Mostly As: You’re most like our current Coog mascot, Shasta. You’re hilarious, confident and athletic. You know how to light up a room, and you love being the best.

Mostly Bs: You’re most like Sasha! You’re more similar to Sasha, Shasta’s girlfriend (although she’s so much more than that). You’re smart, optimistic, adorable and kind.

Mostly Cs: You’re most like Shasta VII, the one-year-old cougar who proudly represents UH at the Houston Zoo with his brother Louie. You’re feisty, playful and you can be intimidating at times. But you’re always loyal and you love to remind everyone of your strength and tenacious spirit.

Mostly Ds: You’re most like the inflatable Shasta, who can sometimes be seen at basketball games jumping and wobbling around with his tongue out. You keep your cards close to your chest, you don’t take yourself too seriously, you’re sassy and your school pride is off the charts.

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