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My aunt’s birthday was coming up, and she needed to choose between Fogo de Chão and P.F. Chang’s. The only major issue is that her birthday is on Christmas Eve, which means everyone and their mom (or dad) crowded each restaurant. The decision ended up being made easily, as Fogo de Chão was fully booked that day and the next. I had never been to either restaurant, so I was happy to be there.

We went to the Woodlands location. Right off the bat, we had to stand and wait for about 10 minutes, even with a reservation. Finally, we got a booth, a nice waiter and began to order.

The ambiance was nice, with dim but cozy lighting. There were different seating types, varying from booths to tables- and even a bar by the corner.

Photo by Sakeenah Raji

We had their vegetable spring rolls as a starter. In my opinion, they had a nice, crispy bite but were not well-seasoned. The sweet chili sauce gave it much of its flavor. I would rate the appetizer a seven out of 10.

Photo by Sakeenah Raji

We were a table of five, so we ordered full entrees to split. We ordered drinks first, and I got their pomegranate lemonade. It was not too sweet and tasted refreshing. Meanwhile, my family members ordered sprites, cocktails and strawberry-cucumber limeade.

For entrees, we ordered Mongolian beef, beef with broccoli, orange chicken, miso glazed salmon and fried rice. I would say each dish was good, but not outstanding, I particularly enjoyed the Mongolian beef and the orange chicken. The salmon was exceptionally flavorful and silky to taste. Each dish was a substantial quantity, making it perfect for college students on a budget that want to split food.

Photo by Sakeenah Raji

I would recommend trying this restaurant with others, as it is a fun group experience. I would rate the food…

  • Food: 8/10
  • Environment: 9/10
  • Service: 10/10
  • Overall Experience: 9/10

If you are in the Woodlands (or near any other location), you should definitely check it out.

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