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Joining a club in college can seem like a big, scary ordeal. You don’t know anyone, some of the activities you’re interested in are intimidating and you don’t even know where your first class is. On top of that, people keep trying to get you to sign up for their orgs using something called “Get Involved.” What even is that? What’s a PeopleSoft? I have a Microsoft356 email???

Don’t worry, I’m here to help. 

Get Involved is the portal you will use to register for student orgs all throughout your college career. You can access it by scrolling down access.uh until you reach this icon. Get familiar with this page. You’ll use it to enroll in classes, pay tuition, access assignments and (eventually) apply for graduation. And that’s just the start of it! 

After you’ve clicked on the Get Involved Icon, you’ll need to sign in… again.

In order to sign in, you need to use your Microsoft 365 email account. Don’t worry, you already have one. It should be your [email protected]. Next, you’re going to use your Cougarnet password, the same one you use to log in at the library.

Yes, you have to apply to any club or organization you want to join. 

If you scroll further down, you’ll see the page also features upcoming events, popular organizations, and news. 

If you clicked on Get Involved with no idea on what you want to get involved with, the best place to start is the “Find Organizations” tab. All of the registered organizations will be listed in alphabetical order. It can be overwhelming. 

If this is the case, you can scroll through the tabs under ‘Search Categories’ on the upper left-hand corner. 

Once you find something you like, click the “Join” tab in the upper right-hand corner. Some will just accept you as is. Others will have an application process. 

Soon, your pending applications will switch to accepted, and you’ll be well on your way to a more fulfilling college experience. 

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