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Love is in the air with Venus being in Pisces… What does that even mean? Let’s take a glance at what astrology is, maybe it can help you understand your horoscope this Valentine’s Day.

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they ask you what your sign is? Most people believe that astrology is personality-based when it is in fact (in my personal opinion) identity-based. Think of it as who you are as an individual and how the universe affects you and your life as a whole. Let’s break it down.

Sun, moon and rising

Your sun is of course your main squeeze sign the day you were born, your identity. Your moon is how you feel. Lastly, your rising, also known as your ascendant, is the mask you present to others. Those are the three basics. However, there’s more. Going more in-depth into the astrology chart are the Mercury, Venus and Mars placements. Let’s start with Mercury.

Mercury, Venus and Mars

The messenger of mythology, Mercury is how you communicate your intellect, memory and transportation. Since Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, it will naturally fall in the same sign as the Sun or in the sign that proceeds or precedes it. For example, if your Sun is in Scorpio, your Mercury will fall in Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius.

The Venus placement, being the goddess of love, represents exactly what you think it does. The simple interpretation is that it represents love and money, what we value and the pleasure we take in life. With Venus energy, people will appear attractive and they will in turn attract others. This can affect how you socialize and your relationships with friends, family or partner. Lastly, the reasoning behind your passionate and aggressive energy.

With Mars being the God of war, it’s no surprise why it represents

energy, action and desire. This placement rules instincts of aggression, anger and survival. It’s what keeps us driven, what gets us out of our bed. There’s more to just those six placements, but I’ll stop here to keep it simple.

Now let’s get into what’s been going on with the planets in the sky, how retrogrades affect us and what’s to come with Venus being in Pisces.


What exactly is retrograde and how does it affect our well-being? Retrograde, in definition, means to move backwards. How that affects us depends on what sign the retrograde is in. For example we have multiple Mercury retrogrades. With Mercury being the placement of communication, intellect and memory, that is exactly what it will affect. This is why technology such as computers or phones act weird or why cars start to break down on us. Recently, three planets that have just ended their retrogrades. This may be why everything seems calmer.

Venus is in Pisces

Venus is the planet of love, creativity and money. Planets go through multiple cycles in different signs, which is a major key to how the universe affects our life as a whole. This planet of love has been in Pisces since January 26 and will stay there until February 19. There is no better time to romanticize your life and give form to your daydreams. The energy produced by Venus in Pisces is romantic and dreamy. It has a deep and all-encompassing creative energy, especially with art, film and poetry. It’s empathetic and healing, and we may have the need to resist losing ourselves in our partner’s needs.

As we take a look at the zodiac wheel, Pisces is the last sign we move through. The end of this cycle is important for Venus. May 2, 2022 was the start of Venus’ current cycle. Since then, we may have experienced struggles within relationships, shadow work and deep healing around love. It may also have an impact on money and our creative processes. In many ways, since last year, we are new versions of ourselves,and Venus being in Pisces is the blending of all we have learned.

Pisces as a sign is the healer of the zodiacs. It is the healer on the deep subconscious and soul level. So what exactly does it mean as Venus enters the sign of Pisces? I’m pretty sure that we will be forced to heal what we have not yet healed, and work within ourselves and our relationships. As always, with any message shown to you, only take what resonates.

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