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One unconventional way to inspire UH students to get involved is with the Houston bike crews.

What’s a bike crew?

Houston bike crews are organized groups outside of UH, but still a part of Houston. All you have to do is look under the surface to see what a positive impact this community has. From taking children off the streets to bringing families together, this camaraderie will have an impact on you.

The bike life gives you an opportunity to create your own crew and ride anytime. I myself, being new to Houston, was lucky enough to meet a member of the Luminous Bike Crawlers (a local bike crew)outside of the Wingstop across UH. Isaiah saw me come in on my bike. Just before I left, he invited me to join him and some other crews for a ride. He explained to me how they would ride throughout the city of Houston for up to 20+ miles. I’m a fan of cardio so at that moment, I knew it would be an amazing experience.

Joining the scene

Two years ago, during the summer of 2020, Isaiah Trevino, A.K.A. trill713, was introduced to the idea of cruising down the streets of Houston on bikes by his cousin and has been in love ever since. Trevino knew his calling ever since he was a kid, always wanting to ride bikes with his friends. His friends eventually gave up riding bikes as kids, but for Trevino it became a part of his life.

“Bike life to me means to pick up a bike and just ride with the community/friends that we make throughout this journey of life,” Trevino said. Already welcoming UH to start their own crew, it’s definitely an experience UH students won’t want to miss.

“Anyone is welcome to start their own crew, it’s all about coming up with a crew name and sticking to a schedule when riding with the crew, making themselves known to others by joining side by side on a ride.”

There are so many benefits to the bike life. Bike riding inspires kids and adults to come out and ride, building community connections. Whether it’s during the day or night, everyone is in for a good time.

Trevino believes that part of the success of bike crews is in their effort to have positive vibes no matter what. Making sure the rides are successful; everyone riding safely and making sure everyone gets to the destination and back to the starting point is the most important part of bike riding. Although every ride is different, everyone usually has a good time. “Every ride is different,” Trevino explained. “Sometimes the bike crews have birthday rides for the kids and do donation rides for the ones in need. During the Christmas season, they all get together and donate toys for children in need, with cancer and other disabilities”. With bike crews being family-oriented, they help families make memories and enjoy bonding time, even if they have to drag the kiddos out.

Where to start

There are several different crews and different types of rides throughout the day and night. Even the children enjoy a good bike ride. Just don’t forget to bring them back when the street lights come on. That is unless it’s a night ride, some nights they’re allowed to stick around and enjoy the luminous lights on the bikes and around the city. Otherwise, it would just be the adults having a good time.

Regardless of background, anyone with a bike is welcome to ride with a bike crew. Just remember two things; stay safe and have fun. The bike life is an amazing experience for anyone to have, especially the students of UH.

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