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The Council for Cultural Activities, or CCA, is an organization at UH that demonstrates one of the university’s core values: cultural diversity and awareness. CCA presented its second-annual Cultural Catwalk event on March 3rd. This fashion show featured both modern and traditional outfits from twenty different countries.

In addition to showcasing traditional wear, many models told facts about their countries as well. In particular, the models from Palestine showed incredible unity as they passed a scarf with the country’s flag on it to each other as they walked down the runway. In addition, they informed the audience about the oppression that Palestinian people face and used the platform to educate them. 

Another group of models that demonstrated diversity was the group of models representing Mexico. Each model represented a different state within the country. Many models such as those from Mexico and India also celebrated their culture with traditional dances. 

Photo by Jamie Thornton

The model from the Caribbean Islands also explained that while Carnival is famous in South America, particularly Brazil, it actually originated in the Caribbean Islands. This event perfectly represents what CCA stands for, bringing awareness to the vastly diverse student body on UH’s campus. 

In addition to the show, CCA also provided free food and some goodies. While I didn’t personally grab any food, we were given a t-shirt and a water bottle on our way out. Overall, CCA put a lot of work into this event, as they had a stage this year for their catwalk as well as a giant spotlight. While this is one of their last big events of the year, consider going to a CCA event in the future! In addition to this event, CCA produced the Cultural Taste of Houston earlier in the semester. They work hard to put on events such as these and are always so creative. Support CCA and the mission they stand for!

While free merch at events is always a plus, connecting with people of different cultures and learning about them is also so important. I found myself getting a little emotional watching the Palestinian models pass the scarf to each other in a wonderful display of belonging and unity. UH emphasizes diversity as one of its core values, so events like this showcase how beautiful that really is.

Photo by Jamie Thornton
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