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While fall may seem far away as the days of one hundred degrees temperature are seemingly never-ending, it’s never too early to start thinking about next season’s wardrobe.

Fall fashion is definitely a favorite of mine and this list is a few staples that belong in every fall wardrobe. In Texas, fall fashion is really that time of year when it’s cold in the morning but hot by the afternoon, so it can be fairly tricky to dress for it. Here are a few tips and style items going forward.

Cardigans and Sweaters

Oversized or tightly fitted cardigans are perfect for any fall day. They’re easy to throw on, but usually small enough to store in your bag when the temperature decides to heat up again in the middle of the day.

Cardigans and sweaters are a super easy thing to thrift, but JCPenney and H&M have always been a great place for them in my experience.

While it may be giving slight old-lady vibes, I love department stores. St. John’s Bay sweaters from JCPenney have lasted me years and are fairly affordable. H&M’s sustainable collection is a bit pricier than their normal clothing, but these tend to not have many random graphics on them and are made with much sturdier material.


Dr. Martens have definitely been the peak of fall fashion when it comes to boots in recent years.

A decent amount of this list gives ‘Tumblr-grunge-girl’ vibes, but that aesthetic will never go out of style to me. A big sweater, a skirt, tights and Doc Martens will always be an iconic fall outfit.


Beanies are always a great addition to any fall outfit. The headwear is great for when the weather is cold in the morning. It can easily be stuffed in your bag when it gets hot again.

Neon beanies have been a favorite of mine these past few years, as they add a pop of color to any outfit. Wearing all black or darker colors with a neon hat is one of my favorite fall looks.


Skirts are a great fall fashion option, as they can be worn with tights when it gets cooler. A maroon or corduroy mini skirt with a pair of black tights is always a Thanksgiving classic.

Additionally, longer skirts can provide a fair amount of warmth while still being breezy enough for the hotter parts of the day.

Overall, fall is such a fun time for fashion. The in-between period where you’re not sure whether to wear pants or shorts can be super frustrating. My general advice is to forgo layering until the colder months and wear a cardigan or hoodie that you don’t mind having to carry with you all day.

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