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When the Renaissance World Tour was announced, I knew I had to get tickets by any means necessary. I’ve never seen Beyoncé in concert and it has been a lifelong dream of mine.

I remember screaming at the top of my lungs when I got the presale code for, not just one, but both days in Houston. I’ve never wanted to experience anything more and I was very fortunate and grateful that my ticket-buying experience went smoothly.

Getting Ready For The Show

Upon entering the stadium, every attendee was given LED light-up wristbands that changed color in sync with the show. It was an incredible thing to see and only happened at the Houston shows, which made the entire experience that much more special.

The only opener that was worthy of opening for Beyoncé was Queen Bey herself. She opened her three-hour show with a medley of her heartfelt love ballads. She then goes into her album ‘Renaissance,’ which is where most of the setlist resides, along with a few others from her older projects such as ‘4’ and her self-titled album ‘Beyoncé.’

The show included a plethora of high-tech props including large robotic arms dancing in sync with her for ‘Cozy’ and a silver tank driving along the runway for ‘Black Parade’ and ‘Savage.’ She also had a silver disco horse that she rides over the crowd for the last song ‘Summer Renaissance.’ 

Guests On Stage

Blue Ivy Carter, Beyoncé’s eldest daughter, joined her mother on stage to dance to a medley of songs. Right at the end of Blue’s performance, she took out her earplugs and was visibly shocked. She got emotional to hear how loud the crowd was for her. You could see how proud and happy Beyoncé was of Blue and it was amazing to see such a heartfelt moment for them.

Houston native Megan Thee Stallion also joined Beyoncé to perform their hit ‘Savage Remix’ for the first time ever. When introduced, the crowd was so loud that the music was inaudible. Both women shared so much love and praise towards one another during the performance that it was difficult not to feel the same way.

Concert Crowd

The infamous mute challenge was long awaited and I’d be lying if I said that I was not a little bit worried. Night one definitely could have been better but night two took the crown. It was so quiet that we could hear the fans circulating. When Beyoncé said “Y’all won that one,” the crowd erupted with cheer and celebration.

I’ve been to my fair share of concerts and this was by far the largest, loudest and quite literally the best concert I’ve ever been to. The production quality was just unmatched and can’t be compared to anything that I’ve ever experienced.

Everything about this concert was amazing. The background dancers and singers, the band, the incredible visuals that showed in between costume changes and the pyrotechnics all helped make this show incredible. Even the camera work that was done for the jumbotrons felt cinematic.

Beyoncé not only gave a fantastic show two days in a row, but for this entire tour, she created a safe space for queer and trans folks, especially those of color.

‘Renaissance,’ the album, and the tour celebrate house music and ballroom culture. This would not exist without queer people of color. To see them be the center and the heart of the show was amazing and you really felt a sense of community during the entire show. 

I’ve never seen an audience so invested and engaged in anything, much less an audience of 72,000 for a three-hour-long show with no breaks in between.

The crowd knew every word to every song, even songs that weren’t as mainstream, as well as some of the choreography. I met so many incredible people during my shows. It almost seems derogatory to call the Renaissance tour just a show or a concert. The atmosphere created during these shows was something otherworldly. I don’t think any other experience can come close to replicating that.

These two shows were literally the best nights of my life, and I honestly don’t know how I will go back to my regular life after seeing Beyoncé live. I’ve been a huge fan of hers for as long as I can remember and getting to see her live for the first time was such an out-of-body experience that I will never forget.

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